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  • Photography by Sandra
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  • Photography by Sandra
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Posts Tagged ‘summer’

I’m jealous…

Posted by Sandra on August 13, 2009

I wish I was young enough – eh, who am I kidding, I AM young enough! – to race towards a plastic sheet, flop down on my cushioned tummy, and fly thru the water… ah, to be a child!






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Growing up too fast…

Posted by Sandra on June 2, 2009

Autumn got her “big girl bike” last week, and after only an hour on it, she was a pro.  And we can’t get her off of it!

She could’ve gotten it last summer, but she was so attached to her Dora Bike (okay, it’s a regular tricycle that she put Dora stickers allllllllll over) that she didn’t want a big bike… but we had an opportunity to get a great hand-me-down from a friend and convinced her that she’d love it.  And we were right.  We “girlied” it up with a Princess basket and tassles and a pink bell, and Autumn is going to hunt for Princess stickers to put on it.  She’s growing up too fast!


Showing her little sister how it works:

And really, what’s more fun than chasing your friends through the neighbor’s sprinkler??




And Ayla was enjoying the “rain” too… but she stopped to take a break:


Ah, isn’t summertime grand?

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School’s about to start!

Posted by Sandra on August 14, 2008

Does that come through with the enthusiam in which it was typed?  Did it?  Huh?

You know, I should be wishing the summer is longer, after all, the boys were out of the country for two thirds of it.  I feel a little guilty that I don’t.

Anyone with two boys, older boys, is nodding their heads not only in agreement, but in sympathy.  Put a 10 year old and a 15 year old in the same room (or house), and fights will ensue. I don’t care how good of “friends” they are, someone will try to kill the other one at some point.  I have wavered between breaking them up and locking them in closets to sending them outside with the weapon of their choice and letting them have at it (this is my dear husband’s choice – he came from a family of six brothers, this is the point his mother got to after brother #4 came along). 

However, I like to take pictures and really don’t like trying to cover up bruises. 

This is why I start every single Saturday morning with the statement “No one is going to the hospital today“.  You may laugh, but I’m not kidding.  Ask my kids.  Every Saturday morning, before I say “good morning”, I say this phrase.  It’s sorta like your mom telling you to “be careful” – really, you weren’t planning on breaking your leg, but it makes Mom feel better just saying it.

It also gives us the excuse to say I Told You So.

And we mothers LOOOOVVEE to say that.

I also tell them that if there’s no bone or blood (and I mean real blood – not the wussy leaking from a gaping wound blood, I mean pulsing, spraying blood), that I don’t wanna hear it.  If I listened every time one came to me saying the other one jammed a playstation game in his ear, I would be spending all day in Mom Triage.

No bone, no blood, no Mom.  And usually it’s too far from your heart to kill ya (I would like to Thank My Mom for that phrase.  It has come in handy).

I do love my kids.  I think back to all of my tattletaling and being such a miserable little sister that I can understand them sometimes.  I know when they grow up they’ll be friends.

Or, they will be 40 and 35 year old men attacking each other with Star Wars Light Sabers.  This would not surprise me.

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