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  • Photography by Sandra
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  • Photography by Sandra
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Am I Being Punk’d?

Posted by Sandra on November 5, 2008

Ashton?  Where are you?

I mean, how can this be?

No parent would’ve put his name on her ballot – he thinks babies are “punishment” and doesn’t mind them being thrown in the trash (ALIVE!!).  Better yet, he thinks it’s okay to scramble their brains when they’re partially born, THEN throw them in the trash.  So this can’t be it.

No person serving the military would’ve marked this man – he wants to take away their funding, which means they may end up with even worse benefits, or be out of a job altogether!  So nope, not that…

No one who has worked hard to succeed would’ve marked his name – he wants to take YOUR success and give it to some lazy ass who won’t try hard to succeed on their own.  So it can’t be those that have good jobs.

Can’t be anyone that believes in the Constitution – specifically owning a gun.  This liar only wants the bad guys to have them, by making them “illegal”.  So can’t be you.

Can’t be Patriotic Americans either.  This is the guy that hates America.  He gave money to a guy for 20 years that preached it.   I mean, his wife wasn’t even proud to be an American until a few months ago!  Nope.

No one who lives in America would want it – without the military we’re naked.  Terrorists will eat this up.  So anyone who wants to live in freedom without war on our turf wouldn’t vote for him.

Can’t be Christians or other people that believe in a higher god.  No way would they vote for a man that has a mentor that thinks the White God should be killed.  Hmm.

This doesn’t leave many people left that would’ve marked this Marxist Racist America-Hating Liar down… so how did the numbers end up this way?  I mean, last night I heard interviews where people said, “Oh, yes, I voted fo him cuz he’s black!  Hallelujah!!!”, and the old, “I won’ have to worry about paying fo my house now!!”, and things like that… but is that really the majority of voters?  If so, our country was fucked before the election, now it’s just MORE fucked.

My husband thinks this is a good thing.  Thinks it’s a “lesson”.  That we’ll all see how bad an idiot can screw up and maybe next time morons won’t go in all glassy-eyed and disillusioned over a rock star, and vote for the real person capable of running our country.  He has a point, but can we afford this lesson?


Ashton?  Where are you?  This has to be a joke.  After all, the winner of the election is.


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