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  • Photography by Sandra

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  • Photography by Sandra
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  • Photography by Sandra
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It’s dear hubby’s birthday today!

Posted by Sandra on March 19, 2009

My wonderful husband has aged yet another year today… as have we all.  The girls and I are heading out shortly to pick up an ice-cream cake (Autumn INSISTS this is what he wants), a Dora balloon (another thing Daddy will surely want), and a BIG teddy bear – “cuz Daddy’s big”.  Gotta love the mind of a four year old!

Mama on the other hand isn’t quite so sure what to get the man that has everything.  I’ve run out of ideas, and now that I only have a “part-time salary” instead of the big bucks I used to make, budget is an issue.

I mean, in the past, I was able to get him things like two tickets to the Cleveland Browns, in not so shabby seats.  I had a genuine leather duster shipped in from out of state (sucker weighs about 100 pounds, I swear)… “seduction nights” in the Presidential Suites of local hotels.  I almost got him white-water rafting tickets and flying lessons too, until I realized he’d want me to come along and that just wasn’t going to happen!

We already have plans for the Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre this spring.  We sometimes go to the track too, to watch the horses and enjoy a nice meal.  So those options are out, they’re the “norm”. 

Ugh!  He loves to cook, maybe something for the kitchen.  But that’s not fair – I cook too, so it’s not really all for him.  I mean, that’s like getting a pregnant woman a gift for the baby on her birthday, ya know?  It’s not really for HER, per se.  I dunno.

Augh.  I left the corporate world so I didn’t have the stress of decisions!! 😀  Maybe we’ll head out to the Discovery Store or Bed Bath store and see what unique, interesting things might catch my eye.  Decisions decisions!!!


Anyways, hubby never reads my blog, so he won’t see this – but darling partner, friend, and lover, you are my world.  I love you more today than I did 10 years ago, and I’ll love you more tomorrow.  Thank you for loving me too!


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And the last of the Christmas Pics…

Posted by Sandra on January 9, 2009

Thanks for sharing our holiday with us!

Autumn’s little Zebra, Justus’ new TV:
Before the Children Woke Up

The Overview:
Another View

Autumn opening her stocking:
Autumn Opening her Stocking

Ayla and her stocking:
Ayla Opening her Stocking

Brett’s new Paintball Gear
Brett's new Painball Equipment

Autumn boxing on the Wii – and WINNING!
Autumn boxing - and Winning! - on the Wii

Justus and his stocking:
Justus with his stocking

the Horton Hears a Who Game – Best.  Game.  Ever.   !!!
Horton Hears a Who Game

Ayla enjoying her rocking doggie – backwards!
Ayla and her new Rocking Doggie

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