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Posts Tagged ‘birthday’

I Blinked…

Posted by Sandra on August 10, 2009

I wanted you so badly,  I couldn’t stop thinking about being a mom.

Then I blinked, and the pregnancy test said yes!  My hopes and dreams for you began right away.

And then I blinked, and you were in my arms.  I remember holding you that first day, when we had to go home alone.  We laid together in bed and I just stared into your blue eyes, and thanked God for giving me such a perfect gift.

And then I blinked, and it was your first day in school.  I remember walking behind you because you wanted to be a big boy, but you still snuck me a big kiss on my cheek before I snapped your picture and left you to your first teachers.

And then I blinked, and I was in the stands in the school gymnasium, listening to you play the saxophone so beautifully, watching your eyes as you made such stunning music.

And then I blinked, and you turned 16.  This weekend we celebrated this milestone with friends and family, we laughed and loved.  You’re driving, you’re growing, you’ve become such an amazing young man.  I’m so proud of you.

And I’m afraid to close my eyes.

The next time I blink, you will be off to college and a career, off to having your own family, off to making adult decisions and living your adult life.  How I cherish the moments between blinks, and how I wish they could last forever.

I love you, Brett.  Happy 16th Birthday.


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It’s dear hubby’s birthday today!

Posted by Sandra on March 19, 2009

My wonderful husband has aged yet another year today… as have we all.  The girls and I are heading out shortly to pick up an ice-cream cake (Autumn INSISTS this is what he wants), a Dora balloon (another thing Daddy will surely want), and a BIG teddy bear – “cuz Daddy’s big”.  Gotta love the mind of a four year old!

Mama on the other hand isn’t quite so sure what to get the man that has everything.  I’ve run out of ideas, and now that I only have a “part-time salary” instead of the big bucks I used to make, budget is an issue.

I mean, in the past, I was able to get him things like two tickets to the Cleveland Browns, in not so shabby seats.  I had a genuine leather duster shipped in from out of state (sucker weighs about 100 pounds, I swear)… “seduction nights” in the Presidential Suites of local hotels.  I almost got him white-water rafting tickets and flying lessons too, until I realized he’d want me to come along and that just wasn’t going to happen!

We already have plans for the Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre this spring.  We sometimes go to the track too, to watch the horses and enjoy a nice meal.  So those options are out, they’re the “norm”. 

Ugh!  He loves to cook, maybe something for the kitchen.  But that’s not fair – I cook too, so it’s not really all for him.  I mean, that’s like getting a pregnant woman a gift for the baby on her birthday, ya know?  It’s not really for HER, per se.  I dunno.

Augh.  I left the corporate world so I didn’t have the stress of decisions!! 😀  Maybe we’ll head out to the Discovery Store or Bed Bath store and see what unique, interesting things might catch my eye.  Decisions decisions!!!


Anyways, hubby never reads my blog, so he won’t see this – but darling partner, friend, and lover, you are my world.  I love you more today than I did 10 years ago, and I’ll love you more tomorrow.  Thank you for loving me too!

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On this day, 4 years ago…

Posted by Sandra on March 2, 2009

I was snuggling my brand new third little miracle, Autumn.  After less than an hour of natural labor (no, I don’t take that length of time for granted!) and one push, I was holding a perfect little 6 lb. 4 oz. baby girl, who is to be the smallest of my four – the others were well over eight pounds.  She was born around 2:30 in the morning, and after we got home later that evening, the boys proved to be very awesome, very doting big brothers.  She’s such a wonderful blessing in our lives, and I thank God every day for her.


We had her fourth birthday party over the weekend.  Just a small affair, with a big menu!  I made a batch of my “vegetable paste” (my pureed mix of carrots, peas, onions, celery, and peppers) and used it in both the beef meatballs and the evening’s meal of individually formed meatloaves.  The meatballs were loaded with the paste, mozzarella cheese, Italian seasonings, and fresh breadcrumbs, seared and simmered in a crockpot full of beef broth – delicious!   I also made my “Taco Roll“, but with mozzarella cheese, Italian seasoning, and pepperoni, ala “Pizza Roll”.  I sliced it thin and had pizza sauce on the side for dipping.  A cheeseball was at the ready, as were deviled eggs, shrimp cocktail, chips, and date bars.  Homemade noodles coated with butter and parmesan cheese rounded out the day’s snacks. 

Autumn played the Horton game with her cousins, and had a great time outside too. Although – she refuses to say she’s four, because she doesn’t feel like she’s grown up from the day before, when she was just three.  LOL 

Autumn wanted cupcakes instead of cake, so red velvet cupcakes were made for her.  Pink icing, of course.  The girls helped make the homemade chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream the night before – which we had to dye pink for the birthday.  It was yummy!  Ayla enjoyed checking each ice cube for taste before dropping it in the maker:


The dinner meatloaf  was formed in small greased bowls, inverted onto parchment paper, then baked.  When they were done, each was placed on top of a pile of homemade cheddar mashed potatos, with buttery sweet corn on the side.  Mouthwatering.

So I thought I’d share some pics of my big little girl, growing up entirely too fast.






(and I had to sneak one in of her little sister – trying to figure out how all the big people got those little things to make such a loud noise!)


Sigh.  Another one growing a year older.  The next birthday is the big “16” for the oldest one, this August.  That could be the hardest milestone for me to deal with yet… what happened to my little boy, nestled beside me in bed??? Sniffle.

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Ayla’s First Birthday

Posted by Sandra on January 6, 2009

Shameless Photo Brag!  Our little miracle joined us as the New Year’s Baby in 2008.  This year has flown by too fast.  Our family is so blessed.









And I have to add a quick cutie-patootie ones from Christmas (which I still have to finish uploading!  Ack!)


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It’s been a while…

Posted by Sandra on December 30, 2008

since I’ve sat down long enough to blog!  I pray all of my friends and family had a fantastic Christmas and hope you have a wonderful beginning to 2009.  I hope everyone will be safe if they’re going out to celebrate, too!

Christmas was fantastic here.  Quite a bit of traveling, quite a bit of visiting.  Lots of gifts and eating, that’s for sure… and in my desperate attempt to get some semblance of my semi-sort-of-not-too-cluttered-to-actually-walk-around-in-but-still-obvious-that-two-little-people-and-a-preteen-and-a-teenager-and-two-adults-live-here house in order, I took the tree down already.  I usually wait until the 1st of the year, but I just couldn’t take it anymore.

Besides that, I want to know how all of my perfectly arranged ornaments got clustered into one little group at the bottom of the tree.  Hm.  Any three year olds wanna fess up???

Sooo… our fourth baby is a New Year’s Baby and will turn ONE in two days.  I could not be any sadder.  This year has flown by quicker than the others – well, maybe not.  I still remember changing Brett’s diapers.  And I can’t wait to say that to his first girlfriend, either.  I may have a picture or two laying around.  I shall search for them later.

We are just having a small to-do with immediate family.  I’m not a believer in the $500 parties at professional venues with 40 people.  These parties aren’t for the kids, they’re for the moms.  Period.  Don’t deny it ladies, those who threw these.  Ask your 10 year old how much he enjoyed it.  Go ahead.  I’ll wait.             Huh?  He doesn’t remember it?  See?? LOL… seriously – I know why they do it – baby only has one first birthday.  But no matter how much money is in my bank account, I can’t justify it.  And I’m not that frugal.  Oh well, just me.  A box of cake mix for cupcakes, some homemade ice cream, and a few gifts is all we need.  $25.00 well spent.  HOWEVER, I am “stealing” a friend of mine’s idea for first birthday pics – thanks Deanna G. – and will proudly post them when they are taken.

Well… now I should upload the Christmas pictures and show them off… will do so this week, and I’m eager to catch up on emails and other notifications from my friends and favorites and fellow bloggers – I thank you for letting me into your lives and send lots of holiday hugs!!!

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My second baby turned 11 today…

Posted by Sandra on December 11, 2008

Ah, Justus… you are so unique and so glorious in so many ways.  

You came into my arms after 43 minutes of wonderful labor.  You were big and perfect and happy from day one.  You were the baby, however, that didn’t want to share the family bed for as long as your brother did, and I could only nurse you for a very short time – two things I sorely missed with you, but as time goes on it gets better.  Yes, I still remember those months vividly.

You are my challenging soul.  And my joy.  You’ve made me laugh so hard I cry, and have frustrated me so much that I cry.  Motherhood at it’s best. 

You are my beautiful soul.  Blonde hair, blue eyes.  You are so physically perfect, I can already see your height and build in my mind.  Ladies, watch out.

You are my creative soul.  My artist, my writer.  Your stories paint such vivid images in the mind of the reader, and your pictures tell detailed stories to the gazer.  Your future will be full of words and colors and interest, I know this.  You will be deep.

You are my confused soul.  You are at the age now that you are old enough in some respects to participate in some adult activities, yet your inner child still wants to build with blocks and color in books.  You want so badly for your bigger teenage brother to look at you as a friend instead of a nemesis, and I’ve been there.  I wish I could make you understand that in a few years it won’t be like this.  In a few years, you and he will be best friends.  Someday, your brother and sisters will be all you have in this world.  Remember, family is truly what matters – friends may come and go, but we are always with you. 

You are my giving and sometimes lonely soul.  You want so badly to please everyone, yet put yourself last.  You spend your hard-earned money on everyone but you.  You ask what your sisters need before you think about what you want.  You try so hard just to make everyone around you happy, and I think it’s at the cost of your joy sometimes.  I try to tell you this, but your mind still puts everyone else first.  I love you so much for this, and your thoughtfulness will be returned to you tenfold someday.  But for now, please spoil yourself.  Be a child, have fun.

You are my loving soul.  I can’t believe you have grown into the young man I see before me today.  I see so much beauty and happiness in your future. 

I love you, Justus.  Happy birthday.

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Snowmen and Teeth…

Posted by Sandra on December 8, 2008

Not really a combination, but eh, it works… so we got a dash of snow here in the Midwest over the weekend, and Autumn was so eager to build a snowman, we had to let her:


Hey, where does it say a snowman has to be taller than 12″???


And in a near-futile effort to catch a picture of Ayla’s top teeth and still-naked bottom gums, this was the best I got… it’s not a great shot of where her top teeth have broken thru, but it’s what I have to deal with.  I’ve been digging through my picture files to see if I can find the ones of the boys when they were born (with teeth!), but that was the “olden” days when I had to use 35mm film – for all I know they’re still undeveloped in a drawer somewhere!


And thus ends our rather uneventful weekend.  This week my second son turns 11 years old… sniffle.  We’re having his celebration this weekend, so this will be a week of baking for school, baking for the party, and cleaning for the visiting family.  Busy busy!

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Miss Ayla’s Week…

Posted by Sandra on December 6, 2008

Has certainly been busy.  Taking her first steps on Thursday (Dec 4th) and now two teeth!!

And, in true family form, she’s defied the “norm” and it’s her two top teeth that burst through first.  Just a few weeks from her first birthday, and she’s making so many changes!  It will certainly be strange to see a toothy smile, after all these months of gummy grins!

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What I want for my Birthday…

Posted by Sandra on October 1, 2008

The 16th Anniversary of my 25th Birthday is coming up (October), so I thought I would write a list of things that I want, just for that day.

  1. To go to the bathroom alone, with the door closed.
  2. Re:  #1 – to actually take my time in the bathroom, instead of making it an Olympic sport for speed.
  3. To eat a gooey delicious something – anything – without having to share with little people.  Or big people for that matter. 
  4. OR – not to have to eat the aforementioned dessert in the bathroom when no one’s paying attention, so I can eat it without sharing.  I know this sounds selfish, but it IS my birthday.
  5. To sleep past 7:00 a.m.  This isn’t really fair, though – I have insomnia.  I’m awake anyways.
  6. Okay, to lay in bed alone past 7:00 a.m.
  7. A shower that BOTH legs get shaved.
  8. To not have to be the “morning” one – changing the first diapers, making the breakfasts, getting two little people ready for the day.  I guess this is really a reiteration of #6.
  9. To watch a movie I love, like An Affair to Remember, without my finger poised above the remote control the entire duration ready to pause to referee an argument or simply having to rewind to hear something again.  And again.  And again.
  10. A nap.  Alone.
  11. Not to have to change a diaper all day long.
  12. To eat a meal – a HOT meal – without cutting up someone else’s first.
  13. To have someone else MAKE the aforementioned hot meal.
  14. Not to hear a singsong “Backpack, Backpack” for just 24 hours.  I don’t think this is too much to ask.
  15. Not to fill and/or empty the dishwasher all day.  Not to do a load of laundry.  Or sweep.  Or mop.  Or wipe anything down.
  16. For the stuff in #15 to actually get done by someone else so that the day after my birthday I’m not doing twice as much to catch up.

I ask for these things with the knowledge that as soon as the baby nudges my breast for her breakfast at 7:00 that morning, I will, with joy, nurse her until she’s content…. I know I will gladly carry her downstairs, followed on the heels by the toddler, and after my quick public pit stop, I will happily make a delicious breakfast while Dora begins in the background.  As I get them both dressed for the day, I will help Ayla with her eggs and toast while mine begins to cool, and be glad to share the donut left over from yesterday with both of them.  A quick public shower will get squeezed in here somewhere, with the girls playing on the floor right outside, waiting for me to finish.  I will nurse Ayla down for her naps today, while Autumn plays with her dollhouse… I will stay awake to catch up on work.  I will always enjoy watching Monsters again (for the 233rd time) and will rewind the parts Autumn wants to see over and over.  The kitchen will get cleaned, clothes will get washed, and dinner will be started by the late afternoon.

And I’ll be grateful and blessed to be able to do it all.  I know this to be true.

But it’s still nice to daydream a little.

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A letter to Brett

Posted by Sandra on August 7, 2008

Tomorrow you will be 15.  Fifteen years ago today I had no idea what a miracle I would be holding in a short 24 hours.  And I had no idea how much my life would be enriched.

Nor would I have any idea how fast a decade and a half would fly.

I’ve watched you learn it all – and as a teenager, you know it all.  😉  From crawling, to walking, to – in six months – DRIVING.  You are becoming a man.  My firstborn.

I love you.  I know you won’t totally grasp the depth of that love until you hold your own child.  No one can fully understand that a mother or father would throw themselves in front of a bus for their baby, until they have that baby.  And you are still my baby.  You always will be.  That embarrasses you now, but it will be a comfort some day.  I promise you that.

We’ve had a great times and our bad.  Your short stint in our Home Maximum Security Prison was hard… but we all survived.  And if you think it sucked for you to be stuck here for all those months, think of those that had to survive your moping.  Yeah, that sucked too.  🙂  But you learned, you changed, you grew. 

Yes, Dad and I still plan on practicing our duets when you bring your first girlfriend home to meet us.  It is our obligation to try to embarrass you if we can.  We are truly looking forward to it.  mwahhahahahhaaaa

And our afternoon discussions.  I wouldn’t trade that few hours for the world.  Every day you come home from school, and we talk about politics, or current events, or anything… and you can discuss them with such intelligence, common sense, and intuitiveness it gives me chills.  I am in awe of you.

I made you.  This fact still amazes me.  I made this tall, handsome, brilliant, funny, classy being that I know is going to make such an impact on this world.  Whatever you choose to do with your life, be happy.  BE HAPPY.  And always make those around you happy.

Always remember to be kind.  That’s the most important thing I want to implore you to do.  Your smile and kind words may make someone’s day.  It could change someone’s life.  And it’s so easy to do.  Don’t be rude or cruel.  Don’t be jealous, and don’t allow yourself to worry.  Those are two more wasted emotions.

Always put your family first.  We’re always going to be there – friends may not be.  There may be bumps in that road, but the bumps are what you use to hold onto while you climb.  Without those bumps, you may slip.  Your brother loves you so much, and believe me, I know it’s hard to understand that now.  When you’re 25, or 30, or 40, you’ll depend on that love to get you through rough times.  And you’ll depend on that love to be there during the good times. 

Your sisters are really going to depend on you.  They look up to you now – and I know, I know – you don’t fully “get” that either.  You are so fortunate.  We are all very blessed.

I hope you meet someone that makes you happy.  After all these years, I still want to hug Daddy so hard I end up on the other side of him, and I hope you find that too.  You deserve it.

I love you so much.  I hope you have a Happy 15th Birthday, and many, many more.

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Autumn’s 3rd Birthday

Posted by Sandra on March 3, 2008

We had a wonderful day yesterday as we celebrated Autumn’s 3rd birthday!  We started out at Chuck E Cheese’s with her cousins Madelyn & Gabrielle, then came home for cake and ice cream:

Autumn\’s 3rd Birthday

Sigh.  Another one of my babies growing up.

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