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Alternative Vaccination Schedule

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I’m making the vax post a page on it’s own, due to it’s popularity.  THE SEPARATE MMR VAX WILL BE AVAILABLE AGAIN!  SEE DR. SEARS’ SITE HERE FOR INFORMATION!  The separate MMR is not available anymore, as of the beginning of 2009.  Contact Merck and demand that they service the hundreds of thousands of families that want these vax’s spread out.


We are following a more modified version than Dr. Sears (posted here).  My doc has actually moved a few out longer, giving even less at some appointments.  My insurance company, by the way, is not charging a co-pay for each appointment.  

And we will never give the Rotavirus, Flu, or Chicken Pox vax, and until and unless they perfect the problems with the Gardasil, my daughters won’t get near that one either.

Dr. Bob’s Alternative Vaccine Schedule
2 months – DTaP, Rotavirus
3 months – Pc, HIB
4 months – DTaP, Rotavirus
5 months – Pc, HIB
6 months – DTaP, Rotavirus
7 months – Pc, HIB
9 months – Polio, Flu (Do 2 doses of flu between 6 and 12 months if nearing flu season, then yearly tereafter, up to age 5, as flu season approaches. Try to use only a mercury-free shot. If its not available, don’t get it that year, or get the nasal spray)
12 months – Mumps, Polio
15 months – Pc, HIB
18 months – DTaP, Chickenpox
21 months – Flu
2 years – Rubella, Polio
2 1/2 years – Hep B, Hep A
3 years – Hep B, Masles, Flu
3 1/2 years – Hep B, Hep A
4 years – DTaP, Polio, Flu
5 years – MMR (can group together for this booster)
6 years – Chickenpox
12 years – Tdap, HPV
12 years, 2 months – HPV
13 years – HPV, Meningococcal (once the Meningococcal vaccine is approved for age 2, Dr. Bob will move it there and delay hep B by 6 months)

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9 Responses to “Alternative Vaccination Schedule”

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  2. […] Alternative Vaccination Schedule […]

  3. Tammy said

    I have a question…. I have 4 kids & 3 have all been vaccinated as was suggested… now I had my last baby & had started reading about vacs b/c someone made the comment “you don’t want to know whats in them…” of course I had to find out… so guess what… now my 10 month old baby has only had his shots he got at birth. Now, I do want to get him caught up, BUT each time I planned to take him he had acold or something….. needless to say HE NEEDS HIS SHOTS can some one please help me with a schedule custom to this situation??? Anyother things I need to know…. kind of got paranoid after the fact… thanks in advance. Tammy & Carter 🙂

    • Sandra said

      You sound exactly like me. My first three were vaxed “on schedule” and I learned a lot before I took #4.

      The CDC has rewritten their site stating that although this is a recommendation, it’s not set in stone and each family needs to work with their doctor to make a schedule that works for them. So the sheer fact that your child hasn’t had his shots isn’t a bad thing – you’re making a different, unique schedule! My now 18 month old hasn’t been to the doc since about 10 months, so even our extended schedule has been drawn out longer, and I’m fine with that. She won’t be getting the MMR for about three years, either – when it will be available for me to purchase separately by Merck again.

      I’m not worried – and I don’t think you should be either. The schedule isn’t something that has to be followed. There’s actually no medical reason whatsoever to inundate your baby with so much at once. I would contact your doc, tell him the next time you come in you want one vax (pick one) and then tell him you’ll be back in a couple of months for the next one, etc. etc. My doc doesn’t even charge the co-pay every time when it’s just a vax visit.

      I hope this helps. Check out if you really want a bunch of varied and expert mom’s opinions on this stuff – those women are the best!

  4. MichaellaS said

    tks for the effort you put in here I appreciate it!

  5. sara said

    If you are comfortable doing so, would you mind posting your vax shedule? I would reaaly appreciate it.

    • Sandra said

      The schedule on this page WAS the one we were following, in general. My D.O. spread them out a little further, but we didn’t really put it in writing. There’s really no medical reason for doing them at any specific time or in any specific order.

      As a note, however; after doing more reading, we’ve stopped vaxes altogether. My fourth daughter had 2-3 in her first six months of life, and we haven’t been back since. She won’t be getting any more. I am thankful my other three children are safe and healthy after I allowed them to be vaxed. That being said, if I were to continue, it would definitely be on a very VERY spread out schedule; probably taking 4-5 years to complete them all, and without a doubt I would order the MMR separate from Merck.

      Good luck!

  6. Breia said

    Thank you for posting the schedule by dr. sears. As a soon to be first time mommy this is something that weighs heavily on me. I too have decided not to do the Chicken pox or HPV vaccines (I wouldnt even take the Gardisil vac. so I surely won’t give it to my baby). I have also decided not to do the Hep. A or Hep. B. and will be waiting for the seperate MMR vaccine that is supposed to come out sometime in 2011. Anyway,I have a question as to why you have decided not to do the rotavirus. I’m just curious if it’s b/c you feel it is unnecessary or maybe you know something I haven’t read. I’m really trying to avoid giving my baby unnecessary chemicals. Thank you.

    • Sandra said

      At the time I posted this, I wasn’t going to give the rota because I knew it can be “survived”. Like the chicken pox, to me rota is a “rite of passage”, and a normal childhood illness that we don’t need to fear.

      Shortly after posting this, I decided to cease all vaxes altogether. My 3rd child stopped receiving them after a few months, and my fourth has only received a couple before I realized the dangers and poisons in each and every vaccine. After reading what I’ve read, I am now confident that vaccines serve no purpose whatsoever other than to inject mercury, formaldehyde, detergents, and other poisons into my family’s body, making their own (naturally strong) immune systems weak and unable to fight off disease on their own. My children will never be injected with a needle for a vaccine again. We have also ceased use of all fluoride products in our home, since there are no wide-scale studies showing fluoride prevents tooth decay. It is just slightly less poisonous than arsenic, and was used by the Nazis to kill Jews. Not for my kids! 🙂 Good luck in your decision.

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