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  • Photography by Sandra
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  • Photography by Sandra
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Does the sound bother them?

Posted by Sandra on June 15, 2009

The helicopter parents, that is.  Do they wear earplugs or does the WHOOSH WHOOSH WHOOSH of the blades not disturb them?

Do their children not have to wear sunscreen because of the shadow of their mothers?

My kids have no idea how lucky they are.  I think I will remind them tonight when they come home – oh, from wherever they are playing at, which is – um, dunno.  But they’re safe, and they’ll be home in one piece later.


3 Responses to “Does the sound bother them?”

  1. jessica bulduc said

    I was at one of those play areas at the mall a few months ago and had to leave because the other parents were annoying me so much with their Be Careful! Slow Down! Watch Out! That’s Not Ok! (Be careful being my favorite because has a kid EVER been more careful because their mom shouted be careful to them? NO.)

    The reason I was extra, super, overly annoyed on this particular day was because it was a toddler area-literally padded walls, soft matted floor, and soft, padded toys that were, at most, 2 feet tall. And parents STILL followed their kids around monitoring their every move and commenting on everything their kid did. I, on the other hand, was sitting on th bench checking my email on the cell phone, occasionally looking up to see what my kids were doing because I was curious, not because I really cared, and I do enjoy watching them play sometimes. At one point my 16 month old tripped and fell down. I saw it happen and didn’t flinch. He was fine. Fine until some strange other mother ran over and PICKED HIM UP and tried to comfort him because his obviously negligent mother wasn’t paying attention. It was then that he (obviously) started screaming and it had nothing to do with the fall. Ugh!

    Sorry about the rant. Don’t even get me started on how I am the only mother in the neighborhood to who doesn’t walk her kid to the bus stop. It’s a one minute walk people! Get a grip!

    Ugh. I feel better now.


  2. j10k said

    I was at a local splash pad the other day and the other mothers were yelling at their kids NOT TO SPLASH! Grrrr .. infuriating.

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