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  • Photography by Sandra

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  • Photography by Sandra
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  • Photography by Sandra
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I am officially…

Posted by Sandra on April 9, 2009

a college freshman.  As of 10 minutes ago.

At 41.

This is scarier than… well, anything I’ve ever done in my life!  Ack!


9 Responses to “I am officially…”

  1. Michelle said

    Congratulations! What’s your major?

    • Sandra said

      I want to teach photography, so I’m getting my Bachelor’s in the Arts – Photography. Gotta have the degree to teach, and I figure it will be fun to learn some stuff I may not already know about my own field… I spent over two decades in finance, I wish I could turn back the clock and take all that away and went into teaching in the first place, but ah, it is what it is… 🙂

      • Michelle said

        It’s awesome that you’re diving in like that. From what I’ve seen on your sight, you’ve an awesome hand in photography. Especially of your little girls!

        I dodged the bullet on spending a whole bunch of time in a field that didn’t quite work for me. Got out of the mechanical engineering field, which seems to have worked well for me — especially with the collapse of our automotive industry. Whoot on that.

        So I figured I’ll do something I love and will hopefully allow me to give back as well as make a living. Ideal dream for me is to offer midwifery and doula services and get paid, but then also find a way to offer those services to people who couldn’t afford them otherwise.

      • Sandra said

        Ah, see, that would’ve been my very very first choice – but by the time I got THAT degree (nursing), then midwifery, then whatever, I’d have one foot in the grave! LOL! The doula aspect interested me, but not as much as actually having a hand in the delivery – literally. I think what you’re doing has value beyond dollar amounts, as you already know – we need to get women empowered! Are you enrolled in school now? Come on – take the dive with me!

      • Michelle said

        *grins* I’m definitely in school. I finish up doula training in June, and I’m done with the academic portion of midwifery school in fall 2010. There’s a program called Doulas Care that assist in pairing women with financial constraints to doulas that can assist. I’m hoping I can get my name out that way and find a good midwife to apprentice to. I’m very excited about the whole thing.

        The joke is that for my senior project, I’ll give birth! The husband likes that idea very much. I find it a fun idea — I think that’s how I’ll announce my pregnancy. “Senior project”.

      • Sandra said

        It’s a shame you don’t live near me – I’d come take pics for MY projects! 😀

  2. Congratulations!!! Photography sounds like it’ll be fun!!!

    • Sandra said

      Yes… I’ve been doing it professionally for quite a while, but you don’t need a degree to get work. But I’d like to get into some photojournalism and things that are a little out of my knowledge realm and get the degree to teach. I’m psyched… scared about going 100,000 in debt by age 45, but psyched! 😀

  3. Dusty said

    That’s wonderful! Congrats!

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