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  • Photography by Sandra

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  • Photography by Sandra
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  • Photography by Sandra
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Rainy spring break…

Posted by Sandra on March 29, 2009

Haven’t had much going on here – kids have been on spring break for the week, and all but Monday was rainy and cold.  It’s even predicted we may have a teeny bit of snow flurries in the next few days.  Love Ohio – sunny and 70 one day, snowy and 40 the next!

So about the only exciting thing was Autumn and her fish acquisition.  Justus’ Satan Fish finally died (this fish lived without food, in sludge water, you name it – and never died – and managed to kill about 10 fish in the meantime) so we went hunting for a new resident for his small aquarium.  Autumn talked us into one for her too – and she’s OBSESSED.

I now see us as the family that makes a secret run to the pet store to replace a floating fish without her knowledge.  I never thought that would be us, but it will be.

She’s had several animals die in her life – the Cat Eating Bird incident (I don’t believe I ever told that story – that’s for another time), several of Justus’ fish, etc.  But they were never HERS.  She must’ve checked on that fish (upstairs in Justus’ room) seven times last night. 

And named him Fish.

She’s so creative.

I tried to talk her into “Cat”.  I thought I was funny.  She did not.

I heard her say “Good Night Fish” last night.

Maybe we should’ve picked a pet that doesn’t have a lifespan shorter than a moon phase.  This could get messy.


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