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  • Photography by Sandra
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  • Photography by Sandra
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“Guest Blogger”

Posted by Sandra on March 24, 2009

1. Argument: Abortion must be legal because women have a “right to privacy.” Your Response: A recognized right to privacy doesn’t mean that anything goes. What you do in the privacy of your home, for instance, is wrong if you’re abusing a child, operating a prostitution ring, or selling illegal drugs. Likewise, a woman’s “right to privacy” doesn’t grant her the authority to end the life of a living human being, in this case her preborn child. Legal abortion  assumes that a woman will have to choose between her needs and her baby’s, and that doesn’t have to be the case. Placing the child’s right to life in competition with a woman’s right to privacy is a no-win for both mother and child.

2. Argument: The preborn baby is not a living human being. Therefore, abortion is acceptable. Your response: Basic biology blows this argument out of the water. A human embryo or fetus is, well…human. A member of the homo sapiens species and the offspring of, well…humans. No one with a fundamental knowledge of human biology can argue against this with any credibility. If the baby is not a living human, why does the doctor who’s treating a pregnant woman have two patients? If the preborn are not human, why do 37 states and the federal government have laws charging two counts of murder when a pregnant woman and her baby are killed?

3. Argument: Abortion helps women who face an unexpected or difficult pregnancy. Your response: When you think of the situations in which abortion is most frequently considered, you see that abortion ends the pregnancy but doesn’t necessarily solve the underlying problem. Economically disadvantaged women are still economically disadvantaged. A woman who was sexually assaulted still must confront the trauma of that experience. Abortion can also create health and psychological problems that didn’t exist before, including difficulty becoming pregnant again in the future, depression, substance abuse, and suicide.

4. Argument: A woman has a right to control her own body. Therefore, she can decide to abort a fetus. Your response: A baby is not part of a woman’s body. It has its own genetic code, blood type, and immune system.

5. Argument: Abortion should be legal because women have a “right to choose.” Your response: Abortion advocates created the slogan, “right to choose” to take attention away from what abortion does– destroys a living, growing human life. It’s funny that they never finish the sentence: A woman has the right to choose WHAT? To chose to end the life of her preborn child. All sorts of laws prevent one human from harming another (murder, rape, assault); that’s the basis of a civilized society. Abortion isn’t a civilized response to an unexpected pregnancy.

6. Argument: If abortion is outlawed, women will turn to dangerous illegal abortions as they did before abortion was legalized. So women will die. Your response: It might surprise you to know that the number of illegal abortion deaths before legalization in 1973 was exaggerated, and for political reasons. Early abortion advocates admit this as the case. The number of illegal abortion deaths dropped drastically, not with the advent of legal abortion, but with the development of antibiotics. Mattie’s note:As stealing is illegal, many people resort to violent means of robbery. So why not just legalize theft so that the thieves don’t have to steal dangerously?

7. Argument: Even if I’m personally against abortion, it’s wrong for me to impose my views or my morality on someone else who supports abortion. Your response: Every law represents someone’s morality. Laws against drowing crying infants represent near-universal standards of morality and civility. The preborn child is a member of the human family and as such deserves a chance to be born and thrive, just like you and me.

8. Argument: Abortion should be allowed when a woman is sexually assaulted. She shouldn’t be forced to live with a reminder of this crime. Your response: Yes, rape is a terrible crime and assault, but abortion is also an assault against the woman and her child. How is it just for an innocent child to pay with her life for the crimes for her father? Mattie’s note: Statistics show that not more than one or two rapes out of every one thousand results in pregnancy. That’s 0.1-0.2%. Are we going to legalize murder for one tenth of one percent??

9. Argument: A preborn child is merely another part of the woman’s body. Therefore, abortion is acceptable. Your response: Again, basic biology begs to differ. A young human growing in her mother’s womb has a completely unique genetic code and may have a different blood type. If the human is male, he has a different gender. Mattie’s note: Read that last sentence again. HE HAS A DIFFERENT GENDER!!!!! You can’t have a body part that is your own that has a different gender than you. DUH.

10. Argument: The preborn may be a human, but not a “person” with feelings and thoughts. Therefore, abortion is not killing a person. Your response: The notion of “person” or personhood is a philosophical concept. Let’s stick to the hard, cold biological fact that the offspring of humans are human. Mattie’s note: Ok, first of all, who are we to decide personhood? A few hundred years ago (and even more recently), certain races were not viewed as humans with feelings and thoughts. History sure does repeat itself. Also, while in the womb, a baby can smile (which is universally accepted as a symbol for happiness, which is a feeling), wiggle its toes, and even learn to recognize its mother’s voice.

I thought Mattie made some exellent, very thought provoking points.  Thought I’d pass them along.


6 Responses to ““Guest Blogger””

  1. Mattie said

    Hi!! Thanks for posting this!

  2. VERY WELL SAID!!!! My thought… a baby is a baby when the 2 cells meet that result in a human. I don’t care if there is no heart beat… it is still a living thing! How else is it multiplying, growing, and eventually going to have a heart beat? People that say a fetus is not a baby irritate me!! What were they then… a nonliving thing? But *gasp* here they are.. a living human!! But wait, they weren’t a living thing until after the cells multiplied a million times over and GREW a heart! God is amazing!

  3. Kathy said

    Yes, yes, yes!

    I would recommend the book “Pro-Life Answers to Pro-Choice Arguments” for anyone wanting more information for dispelling and answering the arguments from the “pro-choice” (to kill) crowd.

  4. themadjewess said

    The poor babies. I am SAD about babies. They are being MURDERED everyday, and Hussein Obama is all for 8 1/2 month old decapitation of babies 😦 SO HORRIBLY SAD. God will repay us for this. It makes me SO SICK.

  5. HeadNut said

    so you are telling me that if your daughter were raped and became pregnant you would not let her have an abortion!! i find that disturbing. i was sexually molested as a pre-teen/teen. had i become pregnant i certanly would have had an abortion. i don’t think i could have went through the emotional trauma of carrying that bastards child for 9 months!!

  6. themadjewess said

    HeadNut: Barack HUSSEIN Obama is FOR the 8 1/2 month old decapitation of babies. Learn how to write too, you don’t write very well.

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