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  • Photography by Sandra

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  • Photography by Sandra
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  • Photography by Sandra
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Milk Chocolate…

Posted by Sandra on March 12, 2009

Paint, that is.  I know, I know… chocoholics abound looking for the next great use for that decadent sweet, but this isn’t the post for it. 

Anyways, I’ve been trying to figure out what color to paint my kitchen for months now.  Actually, for over a year.  I painted my living room a Tiffany Blue back when I was pregnant with Ayla, and since it’s “attached” to my dining room/kitchen, I’ve been looking for a color that would compliment the blue.  Or at least not look like a crayon box exploded onto the walls of my house.  To me, that eliminated any colors like yellow, green, or red.

After some deliberation, I thought a nice dark brown would look good – it was currently a cream, which I was quite tired of over the course of four or five years.  And really, I don’t know why I decided on that color in the first place – I HATE “neutral” colors.  I like interesting rooms, and I just don’t think white or cream is interesting.  For me.  But I digress…

After looking at paint samples, I decided a cross between dark brown and light brown would look better.  The color is literally called “Milk Chocolate”.  Now, against the blue of the living room and the pine of the cabinets, it actually looks mauve.  But if you hold a Hershey bar against it, by golly it’s milk chocolate!  Anyways, I like it, so I thought I’d show it off because I don’t have anything better to blog about today…


Yes, that’s a pile of laundry on the table.  And my other set of curtains is missing.  And my kid’s eating.  Hey, I just wanted to snap the pics.

 I wanted this picture to show the contrast between the blue and brown.  And, since everyone dissects every little thing in people’s photographs, I will tell you that is my boys’ chore chart and school schedules on the garage door…  and something Autumn painted for me at the bottom of the door. 

And this is the spine, heart, and brain of the whole house.  😀

This is “mom’s” counter – my basket with my car keys and other stuff, my radio, and my digital frame, a gift from my boys on Mother’s Day…

And of course the art is amazing 🙂


2 Responses to “Milk Chocolate…”

  1. Monica said

    I don’t really hate neutral colors…while they hide dirt well…they do tend to lack in warmth.
    I like the milk chocolate…it does kind of look mauve but then again my color may be off…but it goes really nice with your cabinets…and it is really nice with the blue. I’m going to be painting pretty soon as well…we bought this house 2 years ago and have changed the outside color but we didn’t change the color inside. The color the last owners had painted is pretty nice…but I am ready to add my personal touch.
    At the moment I am liking a color called Cider Toddy and Fragrant cloves…very rich and warm. But that may change before I actually paint.

    Anyway…very nice job!…I love how it makes the home smell when it had been freshly painted.

  2. funny post, and ironic….i just (two days ago!) painted my living room and hallway walls (apple green and sunburst yellow..and the attached kitchen, which is white…..might have to remain white because i was also worried about looking like the crayola household. : )

    thanks for sharing! happy day! xo
    pee ess: chocoloate. yum

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