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  • Photography by Sandra
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  • Photography by Sandra
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I need a grammar vent.

Posted by Sandra on March 9, 2009

Or to find out if anyone is as aggravated as I am over the word:


That word, or I guess prefix, bugs me to no end.  Maybe I simply cannot grasp when the proper times are to use it.  I was a huge grammar freak in school – acing my English classes and becoming the grammar police. 

I frankly don’t use the prefix, ever.  For example, I do not “pre-treat” something, I just treat it.

This morning on the news I heard a woman say she used “pre-chopped olives”.  Are they PRE-chopped or are they just chopped? 

I mean, my bread doesn’t come “pre-sliced”.  It’s sliced. 




I complain about this, but nothing bothers me more than the use of the word “I” in the context of “Sally and I”.  This is probably one of the biggest grammatical mistakes made all the time by every single professional on TV – news, movies, sitcoms, whatever. 

Bob’s going to the movies with Bill and I. 
What can you say to convince Jim, John, and I that you should have a better grade? 
Bring the box over here so me and Bob can take a look at it.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.  You want Bob to go to the movies with Bill and ME!  Take out the “Bill and” and that’s how you know what’s proper.  Bob isn’t going to the movies with I.  He’s going with me

Convince ME that you should have a better grade.  You cannot convince I that you need a better grade.  And ME can take a look at a box?  Come on.  Bob and I can look at it.

Seems simple to me.

Okay, my Monday Morning Complaint is all done now.  😀


5 Responses to “I need a grammar vent.”

  1. Meaghan MacMaster Kindregan said


  2. Kathy said

    Yes, yes, yes!!

  3. Monica said

    Yep…Agreed! If course I probably shouldn’t talk since I am from Texas and I just finished “fixin dinner”. LOL
    But seriously…I know exactly what you mean.

  4. I’m really really sorry to disagree with you hun, but standard Queen’s tongue English would stipulate that the correct grammar is actually “I” in this instance.
    Charles and I are going to the cinema… is CORRECT.
    I’m probably even more picky over it than you are being born and educated in the UK where we speak PROPER ENGLISH and get fed up with everything being Americani”z”ed and buggered up basically!

    Anyway I thought I’d add my tuppance worth! See “tuppance”, 2 old pence (before it became 2 new p, pre-decimalisation) that’s where the phrase comes from….. it is NOT 2 cents worth, so there! LOL

    • Sandra said

      Yes. Charles and I are going to the cinema – that IS correct. But Bob is not going to the cinema with Charles and I. He’s going with Charles and ME. That’s my grammar vent. 😀

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