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  • Photography by Sandra

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  • Photography by Sandra
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  • Photography by Sandra
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Spring has, well, sprung!

Posted by Sandra on March 8, 2009

I love the day of the year that it seems the neighborhood “wakes up”.  I walk by the front window in the morning and see two boys bicycling down the street.  A man and his little girl learning how to ride her tricycle.  Two kids kicking a ball in the street.  The couple across the street playing basketball with their sons.  The neighbor out raking the yard. 

I think it’s wild that it seems to happen all at once – one day, everyone inside, nestled by the fire, wearing sweaters… then the next day in short sleeves out working in the yard.

Love Ohio weather.  Tomorrow we could have snow, you never know.

And so it goes that my little girls got the outdoor fever too.  After the family (yes the boys helped!) cleaned out the garage to unbury the bikes, and swept out the shed to get access to the lawnmower, it was play play playtime.  We try to go out even in cold weather, but there’s just nothing like the first sixty degree day for burning off winter energy!  I get the warm and fuzzies as I stand at the kitchen sink preparing lunch while the girls are in the backyard playing in the sandbox, or on the swings, or just chasing the puppies around our backyard.  The giggles, the squeals, the smiles.   I love being able to fling the back door open and let everyone come and go.  Ayla is transferring sand from one end of the deck to the other, Autumn is jumping on the trampoline with her brother, the puppies are chasing invisible predators across the lawn.  This is what it’s all about. 

Spring is a time for renewal, not only for the land, but for us too. It could almost be looked at as as a fresh start.  Clean the house, plant the garden.  Toss out the old, polish the new.  I’m taking the renewal seriously this year, renewing my relationship with God, spending more time with extended family, working harder on my studies, and this year I’m going to take some time for myself.  I think it’s been 15 years since I’ve taken time for myself.  I’m going to spend that time in prayer, in peace, in forgiveness, in love with ME for once.  I’ve spent my life “in service” to my family and others – I’m going to be of service to myself for once.  Even if it’s just briefly each day, 15 minutes or so, I think  it will renew me physically and mentally, and I will be able to take on the new challenges sure to come in my future!

(now if the grass would get green and the trees would get leaves!)

"I want to play too!"
“I want to play too!”
Our poor dilapitated trampoline... old, ugly, but still functional!
Our poor dilapitated trampoline… old, ugly, but still functional!


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8 Responses to “Spring has, well, sprung!”

  1. JM said

    1. You Did NOT say girls outside playing while you were in the house looking out? Did You?
    2. That baby WAS NOT on the Trampoline without you being in arms reach incase she fell was she?
    I have to ask how she got up on the trampoline?
    YEP! Spring is so NICE! And now with the time change it will definetly bring more peeps out!!
    Now go do something about your parenting skills will ya!

    • Sandra said

      Sigh. I know. They could’ve, um, spontaneously combusted or something without me holding their hands, huh? Bad mama.

      And yup, she was on there without me standing next to it. And the funny thing is – she knows not to walk off the edge! What are the odds??? It’s crazy, I tell you. And big brother helped her up there… 😀

  2. JM said

    Please just tell me you won’t let it happen again. K? Wait until she learns to climb up that ladder! Probably won’t be long.

    • Sandra said

      You’re so funny… we were actually right there, just off-camera. She’s only on it when Justus is on it, and he got down for a drink… I snapped the pics cuz Ms. Ayla thought she was hot stuff all on her own up there! 😀

  3. JM said

    yeah sure whatever! You know nobody is going to believe that right?

  4. jm said

    That didn’t take long now did it!

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