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  • Photography by Sandra

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  • Photography by Sandra
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  • Photography by Sandra
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On the way to renewal.

Posted by Sandra on February 26, 2009


Spiritual renewal.

I have so many mentors to thank for helping me lately – great people I have met that are so willing to help guide me on the path back to God.  I found a neat daily devotional site that I am going to begin following today, too.  I have already increased my daily prayers and thanks, and feel “lightened” up, in just the short time since I realized I needed to invite Him back into my life. 


Not only am I renewing spiritually, we (as a household) are taking physical exercise a step up too.  With the unpredictible weather here in the Midwest, we haven’t been able to get outside as much as we do in the Spring and Summer, so we’re trying to get the heart beating indoors.  I’ve been very proud of myself, doing 30 mimutes a day of step, jogging, or yoga.  My foot has been giving me just a bit of trouble, but I’m ignoring it.  I’m tired of it getting in the way.  I’ve integrated weights now so that it increases my workout.  Brett has been working with freeweights for quite a while now, so he doesn’t participate with Daddy, me, Justus, and Autumn yet, but he doesn’t need to.   He also runs.

What’s our great motivator?  The Wii Fit!   This thing is really great.  We got it shortly after the holidays and we’re all noticing the positive effects. 

I had my stepdad make a riser for the balance board which really increases the workout – takes it to a whole ‘nuther level, as they say.  So the family has been spending even more time together as we “play” while we exercise!  We already had the sports pack –  which the family delights in beating old Mama at tennis and bowling – and we got the outdoor games too, more active physical fun on a big mat.  One of Autumn’s gifts for her birthday coming up is the Dora Saves the Snow Princess game, which she will LOVE.  We’ve noticed Autumn’s hand-eye coordination really improving too, as she is a pro at boxing and tennis!

So, changes they are a’comin’.  I feel fantastic.  Now if I could just get eight hours of sleep! 😉


One Response to “On the way to renewal.”

  1. Lara said

    That is so wonderful. I haven’t had the time to read your blog as much lately but it’s so refreshing. I could use some renewal, too!!

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