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  • Photography by Sandra
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  • Photography by Sandra
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Ohhh… a new favorite blog I’m obsessed with!!

Posted by Sandra on February 13, 2009


I love reading about moms (like me!) that defy the Mainstream Birth Board An “Expert” Wrote A Book And Said This So It Must Be Right And You’re Not Because You’re Different or We Just Don’t Like What You Have To Say Bandwagon Mentality and actually use valid data and common sense to raise their children (we don’t defy current legitimate recommendations/studies or less mainstream birth boards, however – they all know what they’re talking about!).  What a wonderful blog she has!!!  Great information for the new AND “old” mama!

Some of my favorite blurbs from her blog:

Carseats are safer than seatbelts for those 2+ years old

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administratin (NHTSA) manual says that carseats are only “54 percent effective in reducing deaths for children ages 1 to 4 in passenger cars.” Well, that sounds like an impressive number! So children who ride in carseats are 54% safer if than if they used seatbelts? No. That’s 54% safer than riding completely unrestrained. According to the NHTSA, children who ride restrained in lap and shoulder strap seatbelts are equally protected from fatal injury as those restrained in a carseat.


Bottles with BPA are dangerous

Following the ban Health Canada issued advice to parents who continue to use plastic baby bottles. They advised, “If you continue to use polycarbonate baby bottles, it is recommended that parents and caregivers do not put boiling water in them.” Why would you put boiling water into your baby bottle? Oh, I know. To wash or sterilize them, right? Surely the extreme heat from the dishwasher could cause BPA to be released. Nope.

Health Canada goes on to advise, “These bottles can be sterilized according to instructions on infant formula labels and can be cleaned in the dishwasher. They should be left to cool to room temperature before adding the infant formula.”


Kidnappers are usually strangers

The facts just don’t support the fear and hype we have all come to believe.


Kudos to Mommy Mythbusters – I hope your blog lives long and prospers!


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