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  • Photography by Sandra
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  • Photography by Sandra
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Are you KIDDING me?

Posted by Sandra on February 5, 2009

Okay, so insomnia forces me to scroll through television channels in the middle of the night, looking for something that will entertain me but yet maybe soothe me to sleep.  Not an easy task, but eh.  So last night I’m browsing the channels, and accidentally (trust me, it was QUITE accidental) stopped on Rosie’s Family Cruise, or whatever it’s called… that special by Rosie O’Donnell, whom is on my most-disliked person in the world list next to Tom Cruise, Satan, and The One… but I digress.

So in the millisecond I paused on this channel, I hear her talking about her 9 year old son, and how he’s constantly asking to do things by himself, and she is just so frustrated with this, like he wants to go to the public bathroom by himself, and why don’t more places have mom/child bathrooms….







Wait… are you like me and had to re-read that?

Yes.  9 years old.  And wants to go to the restroom by himself.

How DARE he!!!  I am shocked and stunned!!  The restroom?  ALONE?  At the young young age of NINE????

Please, someone tell me I mis-heard her at midnight.  Someone please tell me that this woman, this “mother”, really doesn’t take her 9 year old into women’s restrooms because he’s not old enough to do it by himself.  I will delete this thread if someone tells me she was talking about her 3 year old, or her 9 year old dog, or something other than her son…

Now, I apologize in advance if her little bundle of joy has a physical disability or a mental impairment that requires Mom’s help – but if it’s the same little boy they flashed on during the brief brief moment I had the show on, he looked perfectly capable to me.

Dear Lord, this borders on creepy, if not obscene.


2 Responses to “Are you KIDDING me?”

  1. Moody Monica said

    Oh I know…it’s so sad too cause I really liked her back in the 80’s when she was funny. I have never been able to sit through her cruise show…however I can relate to the insomnia…I am scanning channels almost all night long.

    As far as I know none of her children have any sort of handicap…I wasn’t even sure how many kids she has so I went to Wikipedia Parker Jaren (born 1995), Chelsea Belle (born 1997), and Blake Christopher (born 1999). Their fourth child, Vivienne Rose (who was conceived through artificial insemination), was born in 2002 to Carpenter.

    I agree…9 is old enough to go to the bathroom alone. I would imagine that the little guy would be embarrassed if he had to go in the ladies room with his mom.

  2. JM said

    HMM interesting. I would let the boys go to the bathroom with a time limit. I always told them you have 2 minutes to pee. If you aren’t out I’m coming in.
    When my middle was probably 4 this was our conversation.
    Him: mom I want to go in the bathroom by myself.
    Me: No, you aren’t old enough
    Him: Mom, am I a girl? NO I’m a boy. Boys go in the boys bathroom, girls go in the girls bathroom!! I am a BOY!!
    Me: Not until you are 6.
    Him: I’m not a girl.
    and this went on. I think he was 5 and I started the 2 minute rule.

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