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  • Photography by Sandra
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  • Photography by Sandra
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Did you know???? (Pregnancy & Childbirth)

Posted by Sandra on February 3, 2009

Did you know that YOU control your health care and the following is completely, 100% optional?

  • GBS test (it’s rare that a baby will contract it, and studies show use of antibiotics to mom doesn’t reduce infant deaths anyways).  My labors, and millions of others too, have all been so fast that a postive wouldn’t have made any difference – no time for the meds anyways.  Do some research!  Take it if you want, but it’s optional.
  • Any fetal testing such as nuchal fold, etc.  Do your own research.  False positives run RAMPANT here.  And what would you do with the results?  Would you terminate?  Can you really be “prepared” for a baby with Downs Syndrome?  It’s perfectly fine if you want them, just be aware of the options.  But don’t let a doc tell you that you MUST have them.  I personally just loved the ultrasounds, and I always wanted to find out the sex, but that’s as far as I’d want to go. 
  • Any and all internal exams?  Dilation means ZILCH (less than zilch, actually) – you may be at zero and have that baby in 60 minutes, or at 4 and have it in two weeks.  Don’t let the doc do these uncomfortable exams, they’re not medically necessary in a normal pregnancy – I’m not too sure there’d be many reasons for them in a NOT normal pregnancy. 
    * They can cause cramping, bleeding, infection, and premature breaking of the waters.  They’ve even been known to start early labor. Refuse.  Better yet, ask the doc why.  If she says dilation, ask her what that means.  If she says anything other than “nothing”, find a new doc.  Oh, and hey, if you like these, more power to ya.  Whatever floats your boat. 😀
    Internal exams during labor are optional too.  Personally, I only let the doc check ONE TIME when I think I’m going to want to start pushing, just to make sure I’m fully effaced and dilated.  Otherwise, it does me no good to have every nurse, medical student, and doctor messing with me.  See * above.  NO.
  • Did you know that you don’t have to rush to the hospital (if you’re having a hospital birth) the millisecond your water breaks?  The “risk of infection after the water breaks” comes from the medical practice of 54 people must jam their hands up you to check your cervix from the minute you get into the hospital until you push out the baby.  Since no one will be doing that (see above), you don’t run the same risk of infection.  Stay at home as long as possible, labor comfortably and happily. 
  • Continuous fetal monitoring in the hospital  (this, and all my pearls of wisdom, is of course based on a normal, low-risk pregnancy/childbirth).  This restricts mama to laying in a bed, which is the last position you should be while laboring!
  • Don’t let them tell you that you can’t eat or drink either.  If you’re hungry, eat.  If you want a cup of coffee or a soda, get it.  This myth dates back a very VERY long time ago when the drugs used on moms for emergency c-sections were much harsher.  Also, your stomach is never truly empty, so have a cup.  The nurse is not the boss of you, and sometimes they don’t know better.  Not having something during longer labors actually weakens the mom, making the chance of drugs or risky surgery higher.
  • The IV or even the heplock.  These frankly bug me, so I wouldn’t have one anyways, but I’ll bet the vast majority of moms who have had hospital births thought they HAD to have this.  Nope.  That’s what’s totally cool about it being YOUR body – you can say NO!  If, on the rare rare RARE chance you would need IV fluids or meds, the nurse can set it in a matter of seconds.  No need for the puncture and discomfort if it’s not necessary!
  • Stirrups in labor?  This is ghastly to me.  First, laying down flat on your back is second only to standing on your head for horrible positions to be in to labor.  It defeats gravity.  Sit up, stand, get on all fours, or squat.  Let gravity work with you, let the natural shape of your cervix open wider and you’ll have a much better delivery.  The doc cannot force you on your back if you don’t let her.
  • Immediate clamping of the cord and delivery of the placenta.  There is no rush for this.  Let it happen naturally.  Unless your baby has a problem and must be rushed off to the NICU, spend some time bonding, let the cord blood go to your baby (it belongs to her!), let the placenta come out when your body is ready. 
  • This is a biggieA 48 or 72 hour hospital stay after a normal vaginal delivery.  I’ll bet the same is true here as in the IV – most moms think they’re not “allowed” to leave.  Well, you’re not a hostage, and if you feel good in three hours, GO HOME.  There are no laws, no rules that state a healthy mom and healthy baby have to stick around a nasty hospital (don’t fool yourself – they’re nasty).  Go home and recover where you’re comfortable.

Now, I’m not a doctor, but I’ve been there four times and learned a lot from experience.  The information on medical tests is out there, and the rest is common sense.  Talk with your doc, be a PARTNER in your healthcare, have the pregnancy and childbirth you’ve always dreamed of – one that YOU are in control of.


Better yet, just get a midwife and STAY HOME to safely have your baby.  You’ll feel better, baby will feel better, you will be in charge of your own body, and it will be a beautiful experience!!


6 Responses to “Did you know???? (Pregnancy & Childbirth)”

  1. MePregnant said

    Did you know???? (Pregnancy & Childbirth) « Geriatric Mama’s Rants…

    Continuous fetal monitoring in the hospital (this, and all my pearls of wisdom, is of course based on a normal, low-risk pregnancy/childbirth). This restricts mama to laying in a bed, which is the last position you should be while ……

  2. Pregnancy said

    Thanks for sharing this great info with us. Thanks again.

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  4. JK said

    I love that you are encouraging women to educate themselves so that they can make choices with their births! Thank you. I try to do the same as well with the people that I come into contact with in my office and whoever else will listen.

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  6. Pregnancy said

    Thanks for sharing this information with us.Its a great help to know those information to let them be aware in what are happening.

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