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  • Photography by Sandra

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  • Photography by Sandra
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  • Photography by Sandra
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“I’ve never lost at anything!”

Posted by Sandra on January 22, 2009

Okay, I’ll admit – I’m a reality TV addict.  I find it amusing to watch these people who have no shame act like idiots in front of millions of people.  It more or less solidifies my opinion of people in general, but I digress….

So we catch an episode of the new show, “True Beauty“.  If you haven’t seen it, the premise is that a dozen “beautiful people” (as they think they are) are brought on for competitions, to find the MOST beautiful person.  But it’s more than that – they are testing these people on basic human compassion, trust, common sense, respect, etc. 

But the catch is – THEY DON’T KNOW IT.  They think they’re being judged for their looks alone. 

For example – at a photo shoot, the wardrobe lady is having a personal problem and keeps breaking out in tears and crying and walking out of the room.  All but two of these “beautiful people” blew her off, even saying things like. “Pssshaw, it’s not MY problem, just do your job” and the like.  Two of them took a moment to simply ask her if she was allright.  That’s all.  “Are you okay?”  And the majority couldn’t manage that.

Not too difficult, I would think – but apparently very hard for these “beautiful people” to think about anyone but themselves.

So anyways, one of the women up for elimination cried and exclaimed that “she’s never lost at anything”.

Now I get to the point of my post.

WHY?????  WHY have you never lost at anything?  This is the problem today.  Our children play sports where no score is kept – everyone is a winner.  Party invitations can’t be handed out in class lest someone not get one – so no one is left out.   Teachers and coaches are told that everyone’s equal – no one can be a loser.

Well, I got news for ya.  There are times you LOSE in life.  There are times you simply are not as good as the other person or team.  Deal with it.  Life is not full of wins – you wil not get that job you interviewed for, you won’t keep the boyfriend or girlfriend you have, you might get fired, you might get divorced, you might LOSE.

Why does losing make one a bad person?  Why does not succeeding at something make you a failure?  You may not be a great writer, but you may draw great pictures.  You may not be a great speaker, but you may be a great singer. 

You win, you lose.  Life.  Our children need to lose every once in a while, or they will never feel the real joy of a win.


3 Responses to ““I’ve never lost at anything!””

  1. Kathy said

    I’ve never heard of the show, but it sounds oddly refreshing! “Beauty is as beauty does” was the old refrain. Too bad we’ve lost almost all of that in this society.

  2. Mandi said

    You are so right. Definitely food for thought.

  3. Sandi said

    Excellent point!! I wholeheartedly agree, this is why I search out your posts and make sure my friends read too. Fantastic information!!!

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