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  • Photography by Sandra
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  • Photography by Sandra
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Obama Officials Confirm He Will Fund Foreign Abortions Starting Wednesday

Posted by Sandra on January 21, 2009

Washington, DC ( — Officials with the incoming administration of Barack Obama have confirmed that he will indeed overturn a pro-life policy of President Bush on his first day in office. Despite campaigning on the rhetoric of wanting to reduce abortions, Obama will make one of his first actions promoting them globally.

Meanwhile, some 77 members of Congress have signed onto a letter asking Obama to back down from doing so.

I am searching for the words to express my personal disgust and disdain of this information.  I watch my babies play on the floor this morning and want to cry for those who can’t.  And now our tax dollars can pay for more murders

Good job, America.  Not only did you vote in a racist, you voted in a murderer who thinks babies are punishment.  What’s wrong with you people? 


5 Responses to “Obama Officials Confirm He Will Fund Foreign Abortions Starting Wednesday”

  1. Kathy said

    exactly! ugh.

  2. Ameda said

    I will better not comment!

  3. JM said

    Not that i believe in abortion. But, I know that there are some people that shouldn’t have babies. And I would rather see legal rather than illegal abortions.

  4. Kathy said


    One fallacy of the abortion lobby is that they imply that all legal abortions are safe and illegal abortions are not safe. Of course, no abortion is safe for the baby; and when abortion is legal, it is more common. So even people who do not fall into the category of “those that shouldn’t have babies” will be having abortions when they are legal that they wouldn’t have if they were illegal.

    The fallacy of abortion proponents is that there are two types of abortion: safe and illegal. The reality is, these are not necessarily separate groups, and they are not the proper groups for abortion to be assigned to. Some illegal abortions are safe while some legal abortions are unsafe. We see this sleight of hand everywhere, including the UN, which contrasts “safe” with “illegal” when discussing abortion. They say things like, “unsafe abortion is a leading cause of maternal mortality” and then compare it to “legal abortion.” The reality is, whether a country has unsafe abortion has a lot to do with how medically backward a country is, and not just with the laws. Some people seem to think that every country is completely modernized, and that abortion in America is safe only because it’s legal; and that to stop maternal abortion deaths in impoverished countries, one needs only to legalize abortion. That’s the stuff of fairy tales. The causes of maternal deaths in abortion have a lot to do with the lack of clean water, sterile instruments, antibiotics, and septic practices, among other things, in addition to poor maternal health and nutrition. These things are caused by lack of funds (among other things — civil war, genocide, etc.), and won’t go away just by signing a law that says “abortion is now legal.” Yes, some women will die because of illegal abortions that might have lived had abortion been legal; but a large part of abortion-related maternal mortality is not because abortion is illegal but simply because it is unsafe.

    And what Obama did does not change the legality of abortion in these countries; it merely gives money to babies.

  5. Kathy said

    Oops — final line should read, “it merely gives money to kill babies.”

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