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  • Photography by Sandra
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  • Photography by Sandra
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An Open Letter to Best Buy

Posted by Sandra on December 24, 2008

I have never been so livid and furious at Best Buy in my life.

My husband and I visited your Tuttle Crossing store on Monday, December 22, at approximately 11:30 a.m. to inquire about/purchase a 20″ television set for one of our sons.  When we arrived, we were discouraged to find they were out of stock, however – the two helpful glorious young employees in the TV department looked up the information on their nifty computer and discovered that 11 more of these Dynex tv’s (model: DX-R20TV) were being delivered that evening and would be available in the morning of the 23rd.  They advised us to call first thing in the morning and they would reserve one.

Move forward to the morning of Tuesday the 23rd.  I pull up the website and see that I can order the product for store pickup, it is in stock at our local store, but my husband decided that simply wasn’t necessary, because we were assured it would be no problem.  And what if he gets there and another TV is on clearance, or a better sale comes on?

So we call and were told “that’s ridiculous, we can’t put anything on hold”.  Hm.  Asked for the TV department and were told the stock did come in, and then we were put on death hold. So my husband took off out the door to run the 15 minutes to get one.

When he arrived, he was told they were all ON HOLD.  ??????   We were also told that if I would have paid for it online for store pickup, when we got there to get it, we would’ve been told that we were out of luck, no TV would be available (because they are all on hold). 

I’m not sure what kind of operation you’re running there, but this is not the first time you have wasted a day of my life.  My husband drove across the parking lot and happily paid $20.00 more for a similar TV at Walmart, where we will be taking 100% of our electronics business in the future.  I will also be sure to tell my clients about this experience, as well as our rather large circle of friends and family.  I can assure you it will have a ripple effect, and you will lose their business.  Eh, it may not impact you at all, but being a business owner myself, I would certainly want to ensure that something like this never happens again. Your practices are embarrassing and unacceptable.


3 Responses to “An Open Letter to Best Buy”

  1. Lara said

    I miss your blogs….and I’m not sure if my previous comment got through but I think you should have more babies. The more babies in the world with a mother like you the better!

  2. Jess from BBC said

    Best Buy is the devil. My Dh loves to go there, but I hate the place. We bought our fridge there when we bought our house. It was entertaining, but annoying.

    First, the guy selling was eager to help us…until we told him we weren’t going to buy a $1800 fridge like he wanted us to buy. We told him what one we wanted, a nice one on sale for $600, he said he’d check to make sure it was in stock. Well, checking to make sure it was in stock actually meant helping another customer who was looking at a $2000 washer & dryer. And no, she wasn’t there before or anything, we saw him walk from us over to her & ask her if he could go ahead & help her. That was nice.

    When it came time to deliver the fridge, that was fun as well. About 3 days before the set date & time, I get a call at work from Best Buy telling me they wanted to ask about my fridge. I left my meeting to call them back, they didn’t leave their name or anything so I spent 20 minutes on the phone for people to try to figure out who’d called me. Finally a guy gets on the phone & tells me he called & that they wanted to know if they could bring my fridge now. I said no, because DH & I were both at work & DH had actually took a day off already to be able to be at the new house in 3 days to recieve it. That’s when the guy said, “Oh, uh, too late. We already sent it out on the truck, sorry. If someone isn’t there to let them in with it, we’ll have to consider it abandoned if it’s returned to the store.” So DH had to leave work right then, since he worked closer than I did, to be able to recieve it. Of course he really enjoyed it when the delivery guy insisted that we were the ones who changed the date & that if he didn’t know about it, maybe his wife did it without telling him…”you know how women are” was the quote.

    I’ve not bought anything from Best Buy since.

  3. Sandra said

    O.M.G.!! Jess, that’s horrible!!! Yup… another nail in the BB coffin… 🙂

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