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  • Photography by Sandra

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  • Photography by Sandra
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  • Photography by Sandra
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My second baby turned 11 today…

Posted by Sandra on December 11, 2008

Ah, Justus… you are so unique and so glorious in so many ways.  

You came into my arms after 43 minutes of wonderful labor.  You were big and perfect and happy from day one.  You were the baby, however, that didn’t want to share the family bed for as long as your brother did, and I could only nurse you for a very short time – two things I sorely missed with you, but as time goes on it gets better.  Yes, I still remember those months vividly.

You are my challenging soul.  And my joy.  You’ve made me laugh so hard I cry, and have frustrated me so much that I cry.  Motherhood at it’s best. 

You are my beautiful soul.  Blonde hair, blue eyes.  You are so physically perfect, I can already see your height and build in my mind.  Ladies, watch out.

You are my creative soul.  My artist, my writer.  Your stories paint such vivid images in the mind of the reader, and your pictures tell detailed stories to the gazer.  Your future will be full of words and colors and interest, I know this.  You will be deep.

You are my confused soul.  You are at the age now that you are old enough in some respects to participate in some adult activities, yet your inner child still wants to build with blocks and color in books.  You want so badly for your bigger teenage brother to look at you as a friend instead of a nemesis, and I’ve been there.  I wish I could make you understand that in a few years it won’t be like this.  In a few years, you and he will be best friends.  Someday, your brother and sisters will be all you have in this world.  Remember, family is truly what matters – friends may come and go, but we are always with you. 

You are my giving and sometimes lonely soul.  You want so badly to please everyone, yet put yourself last.  You spend your hard-earned money on everyone but you.  You ask what your sisters need before you think about what you want.  You try so hard just to make everyone around you happy, and I think it’s at the cost of your joy sometimes.  I try to tell you this, but your mind still puts everyone else first.  I love you so much for this, and your thoughtfulness will be returned to you tenfold someday.  But for now, please spoil yourself.  Be a child, have fun.

You are my loving soul.  I can’t believe you have grown into the young man I see before me today.  I see so much beauty and happiness in your future. 

I love you, Justus.  Happy birthday.


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