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  • Photography by Sandra
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  • Photography by Sandra
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Voter Suppression

Posted by Sandra on November 4, 2008

It’s not just the dead atheist goldfish Obama voters we have to be wary of, although they are a growing constituency of his in Ohio.

We on the right are being besieged by a constant barrage of negativity from the MSM that can have very real consequences. It’s called Media Induced Voter Suppression and it may have played a big part in recent elections.

You’ve seen evidence of it in recent weeks. If you’re a McCain-Palin supporter the press has all but told you to open a vein and be done with it already.

The MSM drumbeat whips out its exit polls on election day to send Republicans heading for the twelve-pack and the couch rather than the voting booth. It may very well be the real reason that Florida ended up being so close in 2000.

The above linked page details the history and the effects of Media Induced Voter Suppression. It explains very well why we shouldn’t pay attention to what we’re hearing and keep making sure everyone votes.

This is all courtesy of the excellent Ballotpedia, which is also a fantastic resource for any last minute info you need about your state’s ballot initiatives before you head to the polls.

Vote. Remember that the exit polls were all telling us to prepare for a President Kerry in 2004. That lasted until the real votes were counted.

Fight the goldfish.


2 Responses to “Voter Suppression”

  1. Kathy said

    Yeah, I mentioned to my husband several days ago that it looked like Obama was going to win, and he said, “The polls leading up to the election have all been wrong for the past several elections, so why should we believe them this time?”

    You’re exactly right — it’s voter suppression. I’m just hoping that enough Obama supporters will think he’s got it in the bag that they’ll stay home and just watch the votes come in. 😉

  2. Sandra said

    Wouldn’t that be SCHWEEEEET???

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