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  • Photography by Sandra
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  • Photography by Sandra
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100 Things…

Posted by Sandra on October 28, 2008

In honor of my 100th post (okay, I have more than that, but I saw this on another blog and enjoyed it…), I compiled a list of 100 things about me.  If you’re that bored and actually going to read this, well, good luck, and I’m sorry.  😀

  1. I have four children
  2. I want twice that many
  3. I used to repossess homes for a living
  4. I was attacked by a German Shepherd when I was a child – up until about 5 years ago they scared me to death
  5. I have four cats and two dogs, and had two birds until they became a buffet for one of my cats
  6. I married my boss (I also divorced him)
  7. I am a Conservative Republican
  8. I am Christian, but dislike organized religion so I never go to church
  9. I type almost 100 words per minute
  10. I have a handicap and get to park in the front row
  11. I am a natural redhead and have never changed the color of my hair (I have hilighted it, however)
  12. My favorite job was the Secretary to the President of a large company – I enjoyed getting his wife gifts and scheduling his veterinary appointments!
  13. I flipped burgers in a fast food restaurant – for only eight hours… because it was a horrid job
  14. I consider my husband my best friend
  15. I am a photographer
  16. I’ve lost a baby at 13 weeks
  17. I had my jaws wired shut when I was 19, due to severe TMJ
  18. I am a reality TV addict
  19. I had a brief marriage when I was 20 that lasted 6 months – I don’t “count” it and never talk about it
  20. I love football
  21. I broke up with someone in high school because he had a brain “bubble” – if it dislodged he would die and it freaked me out
  22. I have a banjo and want to learn to play it before I die
  23. I was in choir in high school
  24. My nickname was “Red” in school – from middle school on up
  25. I hate Ohio drivers – well, I really hate pretty much every driver
  26. I only have one pair of shoes
  27. I have seen “An Affair to Remember” over 200 times
  28. I hate shopping
  29. I have been stalked
  30. I lost my virginity at 17
  31. I’m still being stalked
  32. I still remember my high school boyfriend’s phone number – from 25 years ago
  33. I’m utterly surprised that I’ve thought of 32 things so far, will be shocked if I make it to 100
  34. I have a coffee stain birthmark barely visable on my calf
  35. Speaking of coffee, I am a coffee addict – I drink several pots a day, from morning to bedtime
  36. My favorite food is from the Japanese Steak House
  37. My favorite snack is powdered donuts
  38. I am an arachnaphobic – a SEVERE one
  39. I love being pregnant
  40. I played with a Ouija board once and it scared me to death – and I still have memories of it
  41. I love love love horror movies
  42. I’ve been robbed
  43. My favorite actor is Cary Grant
  44. I dated a 35 year old when I was 17
  45. My favorite book is Momfidence, by Paula Spencer
  46. I still want to hug my husband hard enough that I end up behind him
  47. Some of my best friends live very far away and I’ve never met them in person
  48. I love the family bed and wish everyone could experience how wonderful it is
  49. I can’t eat scrambled or fried eggs without mustard
  50. I am immune to poison ivy
  51. I suffer from insomnia
  52. I have never completed a home improvement project – something is always left undone, whether you can tell or not
  53. I have been a victim of domestic violence
  54. I have never skinny dipped
  55. I didn’t experience pain in my drug-free childbirths
  56. I support the death penalty whole-heartedly for any murderers (except self-defense)
  57. My favorite subject in high school was English
  58. I love doing laundry, but hate putting it away
  59. I love playing euchre
  60. I am the youngest of four siblings
  61. I am hated on Internet chat rooms because of my laid-back, non-by-the-book parenting style that I freely brag about, and I love it
  62. I’ve lived in three states – Ohio, Alaska, and Texas
  63. I never went to a prom in school
  64. I’ve been married three times
  65. My first car was a 1969 Plymouth Valiant – and if I hadn’t wrecked it, I’d still be driving it – it was a great car
  66. I can wiggle just one side of my nose
  67. I’ve never been able to do a cartwheel
  68. I used to be a bill collector
  69. My best friend growing up was Cinda, and I miss her a lot
  70. My sister and I are polar opposites and think we come from two different dads (LOL)
  71. I’ve never met anyone famous face-to-face
  72. I love to cook and would do it professionally if it didn’t require evening hours
  73. I am addicted to The Food Network and it’s on most of the day
  74. My ideal Friday night is being snuggled on the couch drinking hot coffee and eating popcorn, watching a thriller movie in the dark
  75. I am even more stunned that I’ve thought of 74 things about myself than I was at 32 (cheating, I know)
  76. I used to model when I was a teenager
  77. I actually miss padded shoulders and wish they would come back in style
  78. I was a “hood” in high school – because I smoked and wore leather jackets and concert t-shirts
  79. My mom and I used to go out together to the bars to try to pick up dudes… we had a blast
  80. I still remember the phone number of my childhood home
  81. I once got so drunk I was hospitalized for alcohol poisoning
  82. My first concert was the Scorpions
  83. I sent wedding invitations to over 200 celebrities, and received about 30 autographed responses back (no one came… lol)
  84. I have never questioned any of my parenting choices
  85. My earliest childhood memory is of a “huge” gorilla in the basement that my brother teased me with
  86. If I hit the lottery, the first thing I’d spend it on is electrolysis for my legs!
  87. My favorite holiday is Halloween
  88. I can’t sleep at anyone else’s home – even my parents; it’s either my house or a hotel
  89. I could live in flannel pj’s if given the choice – I’ll even go grocery shopping in them… and have
  90. I’ve never had a one-night-stand
  91. I can’t stand female stand up comedians, except Paula Poundstone
  92. Magic tricks piss me off
  93. My dream vacation would be a trip to Venice
  94. I suffer vertigo
  95. I really want to be in the audience at the Ellen Degeneres show one day
  96. I have been “arrested” only once in my life – for a curfew violation when I was 17
  97. I skipped school a lot – but still had a high GPA
  98. I have never fought with my husband, in over 10 years together
  99. I have to sleep with my right foot hanging off the side or foot of the bed to be comfortable
  100. I have the best friends in the whole wide world

One Response to “100 Things…”

  1. Kathy said

    Hey, I made it through! (I feel sorry for me too. 🙂 Actually, I’m a very curious person, so would probably read any of these “however many facts about myself” posts that were out there — even of people I’ve never heard of and would never hear of again. Yeah, I’m weird that way.

    That’s cool that you sent wedding invites to celebrities — I would have *never* thought of that!

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