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  • Photography by Sandra
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  • Photography by Sandra
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There really IS hope for the children of today…

Posted by Sandra on October 11, 2008

I was recently made aware of this great site:  Kids Against Anthropogenic Global Warming (okay, before you all go and look it up, that means “man-made”) and I just couldn’t be happier. 

I know my children are aware of the myths and totally unproven theories of man-made global warming (still makes me chuckle a bit to think that this movement has made so many people *coughalgorecough* millions of dollars and fooled so many others into thinking we are so responsible for the absolute cyclical nature of the Earth’s environment, and that they aren’t changing a darned dagnabit thing… but I digress), and I know dozens upon dozens of scientists are braving being scorned by the public bandwagon to come out and say things like Gore’s farce movie was complete crapola… but to see a 14 year old girl take it upon herself to stand up and get noticed – to even make a website – just warms the cockles of my heart.

You go girl!


I told my class about Al Gore and how he’s a hypocrite and scaremongers people with his manipulative ways and how it is unjust that he be allowed to preach to people that AGW is a fact, without addressing the “Inconvenient Truth” that AGW is naught but an unproven theory. Then we did a vote on who thought AGW was real (man-made) and who thought it was a myth (natural). About 9 voted for myth and 4 for reality. The rest of my class was undecided. I brought up the Carbon Trading scheme about how Gore is head of the company and therefore has the biggest commission. Also the Polar Bears, who can forget about Santa’s neighbours? I pointed out that the polar bears are in fact not dying and that they are increasing in number. That just because someone says they are, it doesn’t have to be true. Even if AGW was real and the polar ice caps were really melting the polar bears can easily swim for up to 50 miles which they do anyway, to hunt for food. Its really annoying that people won’t be open minded. In all reality if someone came up to me tomorrow saying that AGW was real and that we needed to act now, and they actually produced facts that were reliable and with backup, I would change my mind. The way our brains should work, we should always ask questions. We should always ask why, and how and if the answers aren’t up to scratch we have the right to be skeptical. All I ask is to ask questions, don’t let me tell you what to think, look up a bunch of reliable links on the internet and judge for yourself.

Update: I forgot to mention, my teacher was one of the 9 who voted AGW as myth.


My boys know that if the school is going to make them watch Gore’s comedy of terror, they are to let me know, and they get a day off to spend at home with me.  I won’t tolerate misinformation, brainwashing, and bullcrap.  Not if it’s being presented as facts or even actual information.  Present it as fiction, and we can talk.

This girl is fan-freakin’-tastic.  Let’s quit focusing on giving our money to buy carbon credits and live our lives.  Sorry, folks, we ain’t changin’ the world by changin’ our light bulbs.  In 30 years, when “scientists” say we’re approaching an Ice Age, who will we give the Nobel Prize to then?  Dan Quayle???  Dan, you better start writing the screenplay now…


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