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  • Photography by Sandra
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Some POSITIVE pregnancy and childbirth information?

Posted by Sandra on September 24, 2008

I love blogs.  I read them whenever I get a chance.  I never have time for my Koontz novels, but blogs make up for it.  I love people letting me into their lives, a little bit at a time, and I try to do the same… I didn’t truly understand the blogging world until I joined, and I’m hooked.

In reading these blogs, however, it seems as if there’s an overlying theme – pregnancy and childbirth are awful.

I wonder why this is?  Is it because those of us, and there are many, that had pleasant pregnancies and beautiful, great labors just don’t blog about it?  Is it because in chat rooms and pregnancy sites you don’t read about those that didn’t throw up every day, and those that had fantastic labors?  Could it be the Media Effect – pain and suffering sell, but butterflies and rainbows don’t?

Now to stretch this even farther – could this contribute to new soon-to-be-moms predetermined to have uncomfortable pregnancies and labors that aren’t what they dreamed about?? We know, scientifically, the mind controls a LOT.  If one goes into pregnancy assuming there will be puking, boobs that feel like they’re on fire, and the most horrible experience in labor that there is, can it not help to make it so, if they are inundated with information that says it’s ALWAYS this way????

I think it does.  I truly think the barrage of negative information has a definite effect on someone’s experience.  If they never HEAR good, what makes them think it CAN be good?

I challenge each and every mother to blog, write, chat, email, shout to the heavens… just plain SHARE their POSITIVE, wonderful experiences with pregnancy and childbirth with anyone that will listen.  I think we can make a difference.   

I am one that never once had morning sickness.  Ever.  I didn’t have hemmies during every pregnancy (I had them with one, I think because I gained weight so fast), I didn’t have boobs so sore I couldn’t walk fast, I didn’t live on an emotional roller-coaster.  It was fantastic.  I felt great.  I felt healthy.  I felt happy.  It can happen.  It DOES happen.

I had four natural, wonderful, completely and totally intervention free childbirths.  I never went through a childbirth class, and I definitely never listened to everyone telling me how I’d rather die than give birth.   And DEFINITELY ignored everyone that said I had to have drugs – since childbirth is NOT a medical emergency, I knew that’s not so at all.

I listened to my mother, who also had four natural, beautiful childbirth experiences.  I listened to myself, who knew I could go into labor with a positive outlook and make it exactly what I wanted.  I knew I would refuse interventions that were not absolutely necessary to save the life of me or my baby, I knew I would never stay in the hospital more than a few hours because recovering at home is much better for my physical and emotional well-being. 

Breastfeeding was a piece of cake.  Each baby (and mama!) took to it completely naturally.  I never had problems, pains, infections, nothing – at all.  One nursing strike by one baby – caused by a change in soap.  That’s all.

I felt fantastic within an hour or so of each labor.  I was dressed in “street clothes” and making coffee within two hours of each one.  It IS possible to feel great.  It happens a LOT.  My doc actually thinks women are pre-programmed to think they need to be incapacitated for 48 hours after childbirth, laying in bed and feeling terrible.

It’s just not predestined to be that way!!! 

Don’t get me wrong – there are those who have complications both in pregnancy and childbirth – but believe me, complications are NOT the norm.  I want to see those that had great pregnancies and great childbirths be LOUDER than those with horror stories now, and maybe we can make a soon-to-be-mom realize it doesn’t have to be all puke and pain… sound good? 😀


3 Responses to “Some POSITIVE pregnancy and childbirth information?”

  1. Jess from BBC said

    Add me to the list.

    No “symptoms” of pregnancy at all. Not with my son, & not now. My mother is convinced that I’m lying, because “EVERYONE gets sick!” I do gain a fabulous sense of smell, does that count?

    Now, my delivery sucked. But not because of the delivery, but because it seemed as though everyone wanted to complicate it. Oh, you’re full term, want to induce? Oh, you need the epidural, it will make it go faster. Well, it’s taking too long so we’re going to turn up the pit even higher, causing more stress to the baby, but it’s OK because we have 40 moniters on you at all times. Pushing is taking too long, you may need a c-section…think about that while I go for coffee. Don’t wash your hair for several days after delivery, you may pass out. Don’t stay in the shower too long or take a bath, you might get an infection. And yes, keep that IV port in because *gasp* something may happen 2 days after delivery. You need to rest…I’ll be back every hour on the hour to take your temp & BP & come for a blood draw at 4am to check your iron levels. But, you know, rest.

    I’m looking forward to that story being different this time around though.

  2. Kristin said

    I’m in the category of “puked for 6 months, nauseous the whole time”, but had a beautiful labor and breastfeeding experience ( I had to quit MUCH too soon because of other medical issues). Everytime I hear of a friend who has just recently had a baby, I think of my labor and cannot WAIT to do it again 🙂

  3. enjoybirth said

    I have collected over 150 POSITIVE birth stories at I agree, we need more happy stories of birth!

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