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  • Photography by Sandra
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  • Photography by Sandra
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A note for my Ayla

Posted by Sandra on September 19, 2008

As I sit here on this Friday morning and watch you play with your sister on the floor… I realize you are growing so fast.  Too fast.  I think you’ll be walking before you get teeth!  You are eight and a half months right now, and the time has flown.  You are a miracle from God, and I thank Him every day for giving you to me. 

I wanted to make a “time capsule” for you, but I’m really crappy at projects like that.  I never even did baby books for your other brothers and sister.  But I will try to remember some things and blog them, so one day we can print them off or you can look back at them when you’re older (guess I should find out how long they’ll stay on WordPress, eh?).

Lemme see… you came into this world on a snowy morning, the first baby of the New Year at our hospital.  You were healthy, mama felt great, it was exactly the delivery I planned for (except I wanted to stay home, but that’s a story for later!).  After a brief 5 hour stay, we went home to be greeted by your big brothers and big sister, and Gramma and Grampa, too.  You were (and are) beautiful.  You breastfed like a champ from the minute of birth.  You were a big girl, weighing in at 8 lbs. 5 oz. (same as your big brother Justus!), and haven’t stopped gaining since. 

It looks like you will be a redhead, like big brother Brett, and Mama.  You don’t have much hair right now, and at 8 months, you still don’t have enough for me to put in a bow.  Sniffle. 😀

You sleep safe and sound between me and Daddy in our bed every single night.  You are so glorious to wake up to – little fingers in my nose, little feet pressing on my back or tummy… smiling all the time.  I don’t think you’ve ever woken up crying, and that makes me know you are truly happy.  I carry you in my wrap all the time, bonding closer and closer with you, my perfect little miracle.  You breastfeed a lot – which I love so much.  I nurse and rock you to sleep for every nap and every bedtime, and it’s so wonderful and loving.  You slide into dreamland knowing Mama is right here beside you, and won’t be going anywhere.  How secure you must feel!

I wanted to wait on “real” food with you until six months, but you had other plans… so your first solid food experience was the carrots and rice from my plate, that you grabbed at dinnertime and was faster than Mama at getting at it.  This was the week you turned 5 months old.  You chewed (well, gummed!) it like you’ve been eating for weeks.  We decided you were ready to enjoy our foods along with Mama’s milk now. 

Your first on purpose foray into solids was at our “goodbye” meal for your big brothers, who were heading off to Germany with their biological father for the summer.  You enjoyed crab legs and thai sauce, just like your big sister did!  Autumn’s first solids were also crab legs, they’re so tender and easy to gum, and to this day she’s still a great seafood eater.  I hope to instill in you the love of seafood that the rest of the family has.  Since that day, now, you have enjoyed every food the rest of us have, and so far love it all.  I’m so happy to have child number four that eats such a great variety of foods.  I’m also glad I did the same thing with you that I did with the others and bypassed jarred and pureed foods.  You will benefit so much from this choice, just as we have benefitted from the ease, healthy aspect, and recommendations to do it this way.

You started crawling around 5.5 months, much to our surprise.  Your brothers and sister were much later.   Right now, you stand without support, but haven’t braved that first step yet.  Again, a huge sign my baby, probably my last baby, is growing up too fast.

I dread the day that it will be time for you to move into your sister’s room and sleep with her on her queen size bed.  She moved around 14 months, although she kept coming back to my bed about half the nights (yay!) until you were born.  She’s tried to squeeze in a few times, but I think it’s a little cramped for her!  Ah, yes, this is probably the milestone I most dread.  There’s simply nothing better than waking up next to a baby every single morning.

Perhaps I should talk Daddy into a King Size Bed.  Then you and sissy can come back and sleep with us, for however long you want.  Hmmmm….

I watch Brett prepare to get his driver’s license, I watch Justus begin his adventure into puberty, and I watch Autumn grow so much every day, and am in awe of my beautiful, perfect family. 

I want you to know that Daddy and I love you so much, that you have brought even more joy to our lives with each and every moment we spend with you, and that we can’t wait to journey with you and the rest of our babies into whatever the rest of your lives unveil.  We hope you find the same love that we have found in each other, we hope you are happy and healthy, and we hope we get to bear witness to all of the great things that we know you will accomplish in your blessed life.

I love you, Ayla.


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