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  • Photography by Sandra

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  • Photography by Sandra
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  • Photography by Sandra
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Been busy…

Posted by Sandra on September 14, 2008

And having so much fun.  I haven’t had the time to blog lately, and haven’t had any “inspiration” on a subject… I usually get my ideas while taking a shower and just haven’t had any lately (not showers, ideas!)… 

We’re in the process of cleaning out and our finished basement to make it more child-friendly, more of a playroom.  The original decor was medieval.  Really really cool.  We have several cheap suits of armor, lots of very expensive swords and knives mounted (safely) on the walls, castle flags and other period pictures hung.  The walls are a gunmetal gray to mimic a castle wall, the floor is a deep green to represent lush grass.  There’s dragons, gargoyles, wizards, all watching us.  We chose a rich red felt for the pool table, representing a royal color, and the bar in the corner was always fully stocked.  There’s even a real slot machine down there, straight from a Las Vegas casino (yeah, okay, that’s not medieval but it sure is fun).  The 60″ TV always broadcast the football games, and was used for the boys’ video systems.  Two plush black leather couches finished the look. It was the ultimate in party rooms.

But we’ve found, in the past 5 or 6 years, that the desire to have a dozen friends over and spend hours down there drinking and staying up late has disappeared.  We just don’t enjoy that anymore, at all.  We were never big drinkers anyways, but we had the annual New Year’s Eve parties, we were the house that always had the mixed drinks and the pool table open for business.   But as we get older, we find the most memorable moments are spent with family.  There’s simply nothing better than everyone sitting around the kitchen table shouting JENGA or playing a loud game of Sorry!… even the teenager gets involved.

Gnip Gnop.  Bring back memories?  I think you have to be of an older decade to even recognize that game name… this is what I’ve been doing with my 3 year old and my pre-teen.  And anyone that DOES recognize it also knows I’ve been taking my fair share of Tylenol.

Perfection.  This game is so “classic” I had to order it off of Ebay.  My three year old is now faster than I am at it.  Now I know senility is setting in, or she’s a genius – but I don’t think it’s the latter because she still gets distracted by shiny things.

Our family also has several “newer” games, like Fact or Crap and Apples to Apples (thank you Glenn Beck for making me go buy the Apples game – LOADS of fun for any family, I tell you!).  

Yup.  We think it’s time to close up the Adult Playroom and open the Family Playroom.  And I’ll bet it’s going to be thousands of times more fun – and have many more precious memories.


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