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  • Photography by Sandra
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  • Photography by Sandra
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And the party’s over… and more.

Posted by Sandra on August 12, 2008

Ah.  Listen.  The sound of… nothing.  My son had three teenage friends over for four days to celebrate his 15th birthday.  Teenage boys.  That equates to at least 1.34 elephants, on the “how much can they eat” scale.

Our normal six-person family breakfast on the weekends is bad enough (a loaf of bread, package of bacon, dozen eggs, package of cheese, half gallon of milk, for example) but add three more 150 pound little men into the mix and this mama spent a LOT of time on food duty! 😀  The boys did enjoy some dogs over the open pit fire, and some burgers on the grill, but dogs and burgers doth not sustain the growing boy.  Wowza.

I had my physical yesterday – EKG and other data looked good, they took enough blood to give Dracula a nice meal, and we discussed the ultrasound on my foot this Thursday.  And dang it, I still haven’t gotten out to get my shoes, my kid’s plans interfered!

I took some time off the computer this weekend and yesterday, and I must say it was liberating.  Sadly, I’ve gotten myself wrapped up in some message boards that aren’t healthy for me, and I think I have to take a vacation from the negativity and drama.  I just think I might be too old to have the cliques and arguments and things that are reminiscent of the high school I graduated from 25 years ago.

I just need to continue maintain my relationships only with those groups that are more like me – less mainstream, more AP, more “I parent with common sense and just because a book (or website, or doctor, or friend, or grandma, or stranger on the internet) says *this* doesn’t make it right” people…   In my valiant efforts to teach those that are possibly unteachable (or simply unwilling), I’ve only succeeded in frustrating myself.  So, I feel freed, much more at peace, and less concerned with trying to help new (and veteran) moms find a way that might be a little different (and probably easier, cheaper, less stressful, more fun, and on and on and on) than the “WTEWYE Mentality” – it’s apparent a lot don’t want to do it any other way, and that’s fantastic… hopefully they’ll seek out help when they need it, and get good, valid, up-to-date information wherever they look.  Everyone is trying to be the best mom possible, I just hope my 15+ years experience, extreme confidence, and good knowledge helped one or two along the way!

That’s my Tuesday musings for the time being… entertaining tens of people every week.  😉


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