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  • Photography by Sandra

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  • Photography by Sandra
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  • Photography by Sandra
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Carbon Credits?

Posted by Sandra on August 6, 2008

Are you KIDDING me????  Are intelligent people really buying into this crap?  I’m in shock.  I knew people were idiots to believe one word that Gore read (cuz he isn’t a scientist – he’s no one but a failed politician who knows how to run a PowerPoint slide show, people)… but to actually PAY people for your misplaced guilt?

Really?  Can you send your money to me, instead?  I’ll forgive you.

Humans make up a whopping THREE PERCENT of the carbon emissions from the Earth.  6.5 billion people.  You paid your hard-earned cash to a bogus Green Organization to make up for the guilt of your using plastic bags at the grocery store.  Feel better?  Think it’s going to make a difference?  It did to the con artist that owns the company that you bought your carbon credits from.

Which, by the way, is probably Al Gore

He owns one of those companies.  He started it about two years before he won the Oscar for his crap movie.  After all, he uses TWENTY times the power the average human uses.  But that’s okay.  He pays himself, buying Carbon Credits from his own company, to make up for it.  He’s forgiven.  Say 100 Hail Tippers and all is good.

Oh, and psychiatrists are now cashing in on ECO-ANXIETY?  Are you kidding me (again?)?  This shocks me probably more than the fact that people buy into what Gore has to spew.  For three hundred dollars an hour, maybe more, you can be treated for your Eco-Anxiety.  I frankly have no words to even elaborate on this ridiculous con.

I’ll only charge you $200.00.  Make your appointment today, slots are filling up fast.

Yup, hate away.  I know there are those that really really buy into this.  Fanatical, even.  I guess if it makes you feel better, more power to you.  Hey, I don’t throw trash out my car window, I recycle soda cans, blah blah blah.  But I don’t believe cutting my shower to 5 minutes is impacting the state of the Earth.   I know the Earth runs cyclical.  30 years ago, we were afraid of an ice age.  30 years from now, probably the same.  And what type of lightbulb I use will have nothing to do with it (well, other than to line General Electric’s pockets, who stand to make more money than God on this whole “Green Movement”). 

And I don’t have to pay anyone to earn Carbon Credits to make me feel better.  Cool, eh?  Oh, and thank you, Bullshit, for hopefully saving lots of people money.  We can afford to put gas in our SUVs now.


One Response to “Carbon Credits?”

  1. Lara said

    I couldn’t agree with you more!! Here I am at work, not working, but reading your blog. I LOVE IT!!

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