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  • Photography by Sandra

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  • Photography by Sandra
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  • Photography by Sandra
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I have conquered Justus’ room!

Posted by Sandra on June 5, 2008

 Man, I had a day yesterday.  Hubby called in sick, so he hogged the puter all day, couldn’t get on… but I got Brett’s room cleaned from top to bottom, Justus’ room cleaned from top to bottom… EVERY SINGLE STITCH of Justus’ clothes were washed, sorted for sizes (getting rid of some, some tshirts will go to Autumn), and reorganized in a new closet organizer.  Steam cleaned the floors.  Changed all the sheets, flipped the mattresses.  Sealed off their rooms..

Then I cleaned their bathroom from top to bottom – man, I thought they were keeping it clean – WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Ew.  So I had to tear out the shower curtain and liner and clean those, put a new one up, scrubbed scrubbed scrubbed… sealed off.

Laundry room – things I didn’t know I ever had in my house were under the washer and dryer.  Ew.  Every other stitch of laundry done, floor in laundry room mopped.  Three times.  Ew.

Rewashed all of my maternity clothes that fell off the table in the garage that didn’t sell at the garage sale… boxed them back up and getting ready to relist. 

All this while taking care of a 3 year old and 5 month old, and making breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  WHERE IS MY MEDAL????? 



As a side note – I heard about someone saying how horrible it is that we are feeding my babies Chinese food, or seafood… funny stuff, I tell ya!  I wonder what Chinese people feed their babies?  And seafood – soooooooo ridiculously healthy!  More nutrients and benefits than a jar of purreed mystery meat.  And safe!  Perfectly absolutely normal and safe!  We eat a LOT of seafood and Chinese in this house – why oh why would we all change our healthy diets simply because our babies eat table foods?  And why oh why would we buy expensive jarred foods when our babies CAN eat table foods?

Whatever you choose to do with yours is fine… but don’t make underhanded remarks about the healthy, normal, acceptable, and recommended way we feed our babies.  If you’re that insecure in your decision, or you feel that the anonymous BS book you own is the only way to do things, more power to you.  But back off.  I’m not changing, and I’m not shutting up.  I am the mother, and I am 100% right.


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