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  • Photography by Sandra

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  • Photography by Sandra
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  • Photography by Sandra
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Posted by Sandra on June 4, 2008


I know now what the problem is that new moms have.  I think some veteran moms do too.

It’s TMI.  They’ve been hit at every angle by information.  Too much.  Too often.  By their doctors (who are not always right), by the Internet, by the media, by friends, by family, by books, by tapes, by commercials, by retails stores, by strangers.

It’s made something that really is not that complex into something so complicated that it’s perpetuating more and more “experts” and opinions. 

It seems that mothers no longer do what feels right – if an expert didn’t say it was right, if it’s not on the right “timeline”, if the “milestones” aren’t met, then it must not be done. 

Don’t use walkers – kids fall down open stairs.  Use pacifiers – they reduce the risk of crib death.  Use sleep positioners so they don’t roll. Use this $30.00 tub instead of the kitchen sink.  Don’t use sleep positioners, they’re a suffocation hazard.  Buy this monitor that “prevents” an unpreventable syndrome.  Don’t give table foods – how ridiculous!  Sterilize bottles in this expensive mechanism so that as soon as they hit the air they’re no longer sterile.  Don’t use pacifiers – you’ll mess up their teeth.  Co-sleep because it reduces the risk of SIDS.  Buy a special mixer to blend food to give baby, because for some reason you can’t give them your food.  Wrap your crib mattress in this $100.00 piece of cloth.  Watch this DVD, it will make your baby smarter.  You must have a video monitor for $100.00!  Buy this tasteless jar of food, it’s healthy.  Change your baby on this $300.00 table.   Give baby this bland cereal first, because that’s what the book says.  Don’t co-sleep, you will roll over on baby.  Don’t let baby watch Baby Einstien, it will cause autism.  Buy this white noise machine because the fan you already own isn’t good enough. AAAAAUGH!

I see a big trend of supply and demand.  If I were to publish an article, which anyone can do, that said babies that wear purple have an IQ that’s 3 points higher than babies that wear other clothing colors – then I ran out and began manufacturing purple clothes – I would be rich in no time.  It’s all about money.  The parenting industry is a multi-BILLION dollar industry, and most of the stuff they sell is unnecessary CRAP.

If a mom stopped for just a minute, did what she felt was right, forgot studies and books and experts, I think her stress level would be cut in half, her baby would be happier because of it, and chance are very high that the choices she would make WITHOUT referring to an “expert” would be just fine.

Relax.  It’s not rocket science.




Ayla and her “See-Food”… mmmm!  She loves mama’s pasta and sauce!




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