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  • Photography by Sandra
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  • Photography by Sandra
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My boys are leaving me…

Posted by Sandra on June 1, 2008



My two biggest babies leave me in less than 24 hours to travel Europe for two months.

On one hand I’m thrilled – what an opportunity for them!  On the other, I’m devastated.  I’m going to miss the great political discussions with Brett, and the endless help and humor that Justus offers.

Although he’s a teenager, and I talk smack about him, Brett has a heart of gold.  He’s so smart, it completely stuns me sometimes.  He’s got the typical teenage attitude, but I see through it.  He does his chores without grumbling, even picking up dog poop, and is quick to make me laugh.  He can ace a test at school without even studying, and has great friends that I adore – I feel like I’m a mom to a lot of them.

Justus has the biggest heart of any kid I’ve ever met.  He has his problems too – a little hyper, sometimes drives me crazy (LOL), but man, ask him to jump and he really does want to know how high.  I’ve never seen a little person express so much love to his sisters as Justus can.  He’s even risked an injury to himself to ensure Ayla is safe (see blog about him falling down the stairs).  He hears Ayla cry, he comes running to see if he can help.  I watch him with Autumn when he doesn’t realize anyone’s there – and he’s an angel.  And imagination!  Wow!  That boy can write a complete story that would rival what Stephen King started out writing when he was a boy.  I really am encouraging this trait – he’s so talented it scares me.

My God I love these boys.  And my God am I going to miss them.  My heart truly aches thinking about them leaving me for eight weeks, and my eyes wet just typing it.

Today we’re taking them out to their favorite restaurant for an early dinner – the Japanese Steak House – then back home to watch a couple of movies, eat some crap, and make sure they’re ready to go.  Justus is very upset at missing some milestones of Ayla’s – scooting, probably crawling, eating some good foods, etc… so today he’ll have the honor of sharing his crab or shrimp with her so he’s part of her “first solids (almost)” milestone.  My heart grows to know that he thinks about these things!

Brett has promised to take lots of pictures… I hope he remembers!



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