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  • Photography by Sandra
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  • Photography by Sandra
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Being a parent…

Posted by Sandra on May 14, 2008


Is all about choices.  All about choices for YOUR family, not what others do.

It’s all about research.  Talking to your doctors.  Doing Internet research (yup – that’s valid and great information – your doc gets info there!).  Reading books. Talking to family members, friends, and even strangers on the Internet.

It’s all about confidence.  Make your decision and know it was RIGHT for you and your family.

It’s all about picking and choosing thru the research.  For example, I’ve found enough data that, to me, the AAP recommendation to only back-sleep an infant isn’t valid, so we safely tummy sleep.  I choose to have no faith in that study, because I’ve read too many contradictions.

But the AAP confirmed years of research recently that proves my 6 month olds have been perfectly fine eating peanut products, shellfish, and other “allergens” over the years.  They have wiped out their prior study (in other words, I really ignore people that stupidly keep quoting the old study and know that they are blatantly unequivicably wrong about their information, it’s outdated and has been changed) and said there’s no evidence it changes anything, so go for it.  I choose to have 100% faith in that study, because I know for a fact it’s true.

It’s all about ignoring the nay-sayers.  Since my docs, my family history, and the AAP says it’s okay, I know for a fact it’s okay that my daughter loved crablegs at 6 months.  What a nutritious meal for her!  Fish and seafood is so healthy for my children.  Ignore those people that say you’re doing it “wrong”.  You’re not.

It’s all about ignoring the idiots.  People who have never had children, people who only have one and have not experienced nearly what a “BTDT Mom” has (because yes, that information is very very valid), and even people who have many children but have the same IQ as those said children.  Nod, say thank you, and move on to do what’s right – for YOU.

It’s all about YOU and YOUR family.  There really is no book, website, expert, doctor, or other person that knows your children and family like you do.  Have the faith and confidence in yourself to make the right decision.

Like the great Paula Spencer said, “An Oreo Never Killed Anyone”…. LOL!


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