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  • Photography by Sandra
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  • Photography by Sandra
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People need re-trained

Posted by Sandra on April 22, 2008



It’s become apparent to me with the “new” information from the American Academy of Pediatrics about the fact that there is no conclusive evidence showing a reason to hold back “allergenic” foods from infants 6+ months old (barring family allergies, please read the whole article before doing this) – moms everywhere are still thinking: “Peanut Butter??? NOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooo!!!”, or “Crab?  Is the Ambulance on Speed Dial??”  This information really has been around for years, but now it’s official, by an organization that many herald as The Be All End All Of Information – yet they’re still hesitant to give their toddler a PB&J sandwich.


The information is different now.  It’s changed

My mom wasn’t required to use carseats with us.  We’re okay. 

Yeah, don’t even need to say “re-train” for this one, eh? 

“My mom gave us cereal at 2 months, and I’m okay”.  Are you?  Maybe you’re battling diabetes, or weight issues, or other eating disorders.  New information shows those are the potential results from the unnecessary introduction of solids prior to 6 months.  But you might be okay now too.  And that’s cool.  But does that mean your baby will?  Nope.


Too, there is undeniable proof of the physical effects from letting your baby cry-it-out.   But hey, you did it with your four year old, and he’s fine now, right?  Or is he?  Maybe in a month you’ll wonder why he’s having sleep problems.  Or why he’s so clingy when it comes time to go to daycare.  Or why he has attention issues in preschool.  Can we prove it’s because of the abandonment feeling a baby has when he’s left alone to cry?  Nope, we can’t.  But we can prove, with no doubts, the immediate physical effects and can predict the future problems.  Why risk this for NO REASON whatsoever?

Because your mom did and you’re okay. 


The information is out there – new information every day, almost!  Don’t discount the Internet for facts – I’m not talking about Billy Bob’s Website of Yukk Yukk Facts, I’m talking legitimate medical, scientific, and informational sites.  You know what?  Your doc is getting information here too.  The Web is here to stay.

RE-train.  You don’t have to buck the system, it’s okay to change your line of thinking.  Even from your first child to a new one.  You don’t have to do it the same, or the same as your mom, or the same as your neighbor, or the same as some stranger on the Internet.  But don’t discount new information and new thinking.  It often works, it’s often easier, less expensive, less invasive, more effective, and more useful.



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