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  • Photography by Sandra
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  • Photography by Sandra
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Doctor Dilemmas… sigh.

Posted by Sandra on March 18, 2008


Well, you don’t have to read this if you don’t want to “hear” me vent about my doctor.

First off, Ayla “failed” her hearing test in the hospital BECAUSE they gave her the test when she was only 3 hours old (normally this test is given at 24 hours or so, but we left 4 hours after she was born).  The vernix and liquid from birth was still in her canal – this was what the doctor actually wrote on the sheet. 

I was instructed to have her retested… no big deal – until I received the instructions:  Drive across town to be there at 8:30 a.m. on a weekday in rush hour traffic.  Other children must remain in the waiting room.  Child must be asleep for the 30 minutes of the exam.  Okay, so I need hubby to take a day off work to watch Autumn, I need to leave my home an hour or more before the appointment and deal with a miserable car-riding child who I have to “ensure is asleep” during this 30 minutes.  Impossible.  So after detailed research, and knowing she has no hearing problems (startles well, responds to sounds, etc.etc), I’ve canceled the appointment.  It’s just not plausible.  Hold that thought – it fits in with my rant.

Soooo… I’ve been seeing “Dr. S” for nearly a decade – our entire family does, even my sister.  Loved her.  Loved the practice.  Never wait, fast appointments, she even takes calls and doesn’t make us come in if I know what a child has (pinkeye, etc.).

She brought up Ayla’s hearing appointment and told me that Child Protective Services could come to my house if I don’t go thru with it.  Well… hmmm.  This upsets me to no end.  Children are being beaten, burned, washed in high-powered car washes, and murdered, and you’re saying CPS will take time out of their apparently boring schedule to visit my clean, cared for home to see a child that has no problems?  Send ’em over.  Ayla will hear them coming.  Give me a BREAK. 

Okay, then, well, I’ve never been one to “buck the system” (believe it or not), but this recent information about vaccines has been getting my attention.  I’m a FIRM believer in vaccinating children – I believe they absolutely should be vax’ed – no questions asked.  But the recent information about the aluminum and simply spreading them out to maybe lessen the shock on baby’s system has really given me pause for thought.

So I purchased Dr. Sears (God bless you, Dr. Sears – you really are my hero even though you won’t research the SIDS information more!) book, “The Vaccine Book” and it is very comprehensive and informative.  He suggests an alternate schedule, still giving the baby all of their vax, but spreading them out a bit.  I loved it. 

Ayla had her two month appointment yesterday (yes, she was 10 weeks, don’t know how that happened but whatever) and I brought the book to my trusted, knowledgeable family physician.

She won’t even acknowledge it.  She said no way, in good conscience she would not delay any shots, the book must be old (it’s brand new), it’s not credible, blah blah blah.  I felt struck in the face.  I didn’t say anything, and really, I should’ve packed up and left, but I must find another doc before I do so.  She “let” me refuse one shot so Ayla only got two yesterday, but that’s not the point.  I no longer feel like I have a “partner” in my child’s care.  I no longer feel that I can express a concern with this licensed “expert”.

And both her and her nurse said things to the effect of “not being able to go to school without shots”.  Well, that’s blatantly WRONG.  I don’t have to vax my child and they will still be able to go to a public school.  So if she’s so misinformed about this fact, what ELSE is she misinformed about?

Sigh.  I have left several messages at different care clinics this morning to see if any of them are more current on their information.  I’m going to move my family to another practice.   I don’t like being threatened with CPS.  Why don’t you be my advocate, like you’re supposed to be, and note her file that all is well?  And I no longer feel that I can trust this doctor to listen or even simply discuss something with me.  I wish she’d have at least left it as “I will look into it”, instead of NO.  Sorry, lady, I am the paying customer here, and I now have to find another service provider. 

And that makes me sad.


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