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  • Photography by Sandra
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  • Photography by Sandra
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Update on Ayla…

Posted by Sandra on January 3, 2008


I promise I won’t update everyday… lol!

We took Ayla to our family doc (she’s our “pediatrician”) yesterday for her 24 hour check up – that’s done in the hospital for moms that stay, but since we left we had to sign a letter “promising” to take her within 48 hours to our own doctor… and of course Dr. S. got us in right away.  Everything checked out perfect, she’s only lost 3 oz. since her birthweight and the way she’s nursing I anticipate her gaining that back very very soon!

Dr. S. can’t do the initial hearing screening or the PKU, but we’re heading out today or tomorrow for it at a separate lab that does these for moms that don’t stay in the hospitals or go to birthing centers.  None of theses tests are rushes, so we’re taking our time.  The baby doc at the hospital was so cool – he was an “elderly” man, so I figured he would be very old school, but when he came in to sign Ayla out at about 10:00 a.m., he agreed that the plethera of tests given so soon are really not such a rush… he even agreed that we were right in declining the first HepB shot they like to give right away! 

I stopped in to talk to my OB (in the same office) and she said that she really wishes more moms took responsibility for themselves.  She really thinks a lot stay because they don’t ask, for one (duh!!!) and two, they lack the confidence to just get up and DO something.  She truly thinks they’re “programmed” to be incapacitated and believe they must be in bed for 48 hours.  Now don’t get me wrong – those that choose to stay are right in making that choice, and those that do have complications during labor have EVERY RIGHT to cater to themselves! Oh yeah!

Although – she did tell me she wanted me to adhere to the “no sweeping/laundry/lifting more than 10 lbs” for 2 weeks “rule” this time – because of my age!  Awww, twist my arm, I say, as hubby is right now sweeping the living room! 😀

Anyways, I haven’t had a chance to personally thank everyone that’s emailed me – your wishes were all received and all truly appreciated.  Ayla is beautiful, just perfect, everything we imagined.  I had the childbirth I planned and prepared for, was home, showered and comfortable and Ayla was visiting with her grandparents in under 6 hours, what more can I ask for?  She’s sleeping in our family bed with Daddy and I, nursing virtually non-stop (which is wonderful!), and seems to be thriving… although it’s weird to realize she is just now slightly over 48 hours old!  I’m truly enjoying what very possibly will be my last baby (sniffle) but we shall see…


Hugs and love to all of you!


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