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  • Photography by Sandra

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  • Photography by Sandra
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  • Photography by Sandra
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My doc is a liar.

Posted by Sandra on December 30, 2007


Yeah, my old 3x used uterus won’t hold this baby until the due date.

Surrrrreeeee…… at this point I don’t think I’m gonna get a 2009 deduction! LOL!

Sigh.  I know I wouldn’t nearly be this anxious if I hadn’t assumed Ayla would join us a few weeks ago.  I realized this is why I’m having the emotions I am – with the other ones, I simply “aimed” for the due date and was pleasantly surprised when I had a HEALTHY baby early – I would never want a baby early if she wasn’t going to be healthy, mind you – which is why I still won’t do anything to “help” this one along. 

My hubby – the voice of reason, I tell you.  Right when I’m at the end of my rope, considering doing something like letting the doc break my waters, he sits down, looks at me, and says “You know, you don’t believe in the intervention, does it really matter if you go a few more days?  What if something goes wrong?  What if, like you believe, intervention leads to more intervention?  Would you ever forgive yourself?”

Nope.  I wouldn’t.  He’s right.  Why is he always right?  Thank God I have him – he is truly my strength and my heart.


To my friends:  I wish words could explain how I feel about you.  Your generosity, prayers, love, and friendship mean so much to me that it almost hurts.  You bring tears to my eyes with your thoughts and gifts.  I truly would be lost and alone if I didn’t have your shoulders.  So Jacks, Pen, Tres, and Jonesie – my heart is going out to you every single blessed day.  I love you.


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