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  • Photography by Sandra

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  • Photography by Sandra
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  • Photography by Sandra
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37 weeks…

Posted by Sandra on December 12, 2007


BP low, weight still only 11 lbs (woot woot!)… baby definitely head down and engaged, and ready to go!

Doc and I were discussing the hospital again, I wanted to ensure nothing changed since I had Autumn.  She still won’t “make” me have an IV, I can eat and drink if I want, and basically I run my show.  I’ll call someone in when it’s time to push, otherwise hubby and I can just be there watching TV or whatever… and providing everyone is healthy, I’m going home in 2-3 hours!  The only concern now is that on Friday (yes, odds are slim Ayla will come during that specific day) my doc is at a hospital that’s about a 25 minute drive.  She said if I can make it, that would be fantastic – and that hospital will also respect me as the mother and patient and let me be. 

Sooo… I asked her, “off the record”, if she really truly thought this labor would be as fast and run similar to the other ones, and she’s adamant that there is no reason why she would think differently.  She fully expects my waters to break, she fully expects me to have only about a half an hour from start to finish.  While that’s great news, I’m a little nervous because Gary is still working downtown until this Friday.  After that, he’s working from home and will be able to get me to the hospital.

I’m sure I’m getting giddy prematurely – I truly want to ensure she “cooks” long enough, but admittedly there’s a part that would love to be holding her right now.  I won’t do anything to encourage anything happening before it’s time, that’s for sure!

That’s all for now… have a fantastic Wednesday!


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