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  • Photography by Sandra
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  • Photography by Sandra
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Monday ramblings…

Posted by Sandra on December 10, 2007


Well, the Nobel Prize has all the respect from me that the lint between my toes gets… I’m still shocked that they gave it to an insignifant blip in society for merely reading incorrect facts from a piece of paper written by money-hungry scientists and researchers manipulating data for their own self-worth.  Al Gore, you should be ASHAMED.  You are not only an unintelligent political failure, but you stole this honor from those that truly deserve it.

To the wonderful woman that saved thousands of innocent Jewish children from certain death, but didn’t receive what was once this respected honor, I am embarrased for the prize committee and apologetic.  Karma is real, an you will be justly rewarded some day.

Tomorrow is 37 weeks.  Feeling like “something is going on” but I’m sure that’s just perfectly normal end-of-pregnancy hopeful thinking.  If only God could write me a note today saying he guarantees Ayla would be perfectly healthy to come this early, I would be more anxious to meet her! 😀

I love my sister.  I’m so happy she’s happy.

What kind of person makes a stranger more important than anyone else in their life?  What constistutes the mentality of a stalker?  Are they truly disabled, in the mind?  Perhaps I should ask Jodie Foster what kind of mental problems her stalker had.  Maybe they were beat as kids?  Maybe they stuck firecrackers up cat’s butts and found it fun?

Maybe someone needs to stick firecrackers up their butts, huh? 

Being stalked doesn’t impact me in the least – but I’m concerned about anyone within a physical range of a stalker.  Of course, this is just general rambling.  I mean, if that stalker has children, should it be ensured those children are safe?  If these stalkers have spouses, do they know the mental state of their significant other?  And if they have both children and spouses, why are the victims of their stalkings so much more important, powerful, and special than the family they should be taking care of?  Hm.  Something to think about.

I am saddened to read more and more accounts of people who hit their kids.  I suppose I’ll have to deal with this for the rest of my life.  I can still be sad about it, though.

Okay, I think that’s all of my ramblings for today!


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