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  • Photography by Sandra

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  • Photography by Sandra
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  • Photography by Sandra
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Every day I feel better and better….

Posted by Sandra on November 29, 2007


About the choices I make for myself, my pregnancy, and my family.

Every day I’m more secure in my decisions.  This security seems to get solidified the more I read on the Internet.  I’m so confident it’s wonderful not to feel the urge or even have the need to defend myself or my choices.  I’m so thrilled that I am unequivicably 100% right in all of my parenting choices for my children.  They’re healthy, happy, absolutely safe, tended to with every fiber of our love.

Every mother should feel this confident – regardless of the choices they make.  I feel bad for those that are in so much doubt or so insecure about their choices that they feel they need to lash out – moms have much more natural instinct than they give themselves credit for!

I love being 100% in control of my healthcare and pregnancy.  I love that when my baby comes that our decisions will be 100% right for OUR baby.  I love that those decisions are so easy and natural and instinctive.

I love that I have no doubts or questions about my skills.  They’re perfect.  For my family.

I just love life today.  It’s Friday, I have two straight days to spend with my fantastic family, to hold my adoring husband.. another weekend closer to meeting the perfect little healthy addition to our happy home… can it GET any better?  I think not…


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