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  • Photography by Sandra
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  • Photography by Sandra
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Posted by Sandra on November 27, 2007


I peruse “birth boards” – boards full of women due with their babies around the same time I am.

I frequent a December 2007 one.  I’m beginning to get more saddened and frustrated by the day.

When did pregnancy stop lasting 40+ weeks?  When did women decide that they are inconvenienced and need to have drugs and surgery to end this life-changing problem?  When did women decide nature was no longer capable of ensuring a healthy happy baby?

When did we decide doctors are gods and can never do wrong?   Should never be questioned?  Due in December, there are women letting doctors dictate their due dates because of family vacations.  Because of holiday celebrations.  Pathetic.

When did women decide that nature, what their bodies were made to do, is not adequate?  They won’t touch perfectly safe deli meat, or drink a cup of coffee, and preach non-stop about the harm of a can of tuna during their pregnancies, but choose to have needles put in their spines and drugs injected into their systems, and ultimately into their babies, to ensure their “comfort”.   It doesn’t bother me so much that women end up doing this – it bothers me that first-time moms ASSUME they will have to.  Or that women won’t even give their bodies a CHANCE to do what it does best.  How does one know you won’t push for just a few minutes and have the baby?  How does one not know or just try to believe childbirth can be pain-free, or at worst just uncomfortable?  Is the media to blame for this?  I just want more women to give it a try, instead of asking for the epidural when they’re 4 months pregnant.

Or worse, they will elect for major surgery without a medical reason, just so they know “what day baby will be here”.

I’m frustrated.  I’m sad.  Such an infantessimal amount of labors actually need medical intervention.  Yet the mindset of the American woman is that childbirth is an emergency – that without a doctor, pain and death is imminent.  If they only knew the dangers they subject themselves to just by walking thru the doors of a hospital, let alone letting a doctor dictate every move that’s made.  If they only knew the risks involved with letting so many people intervene.  This proves the backwards thinking of American women.  Other countries are so advanced in their thinking on labor & childbirth – they know that at home, or in a birthing center, with a midwife and their family is the safest and best way to bring these miracles into the world.  And nope, they don’t have increased infant mortality, like the myths our doctors and media like to spread.

I wish I could get the message to women to be proactive in their own healthcare.  If I hear “my doctor says I have to” or “it’s hospital policy”, or “I trust my doctor, he has the degree” one more time, I’m liable to scream.  It’s MY body.  I’m the paying customer.  This is no different than ordering a hamburger – if I’m not satisfied, I change the order, I demand it to be made the way I want.  The guy making the burger could be wrong.  Just because my doctor has a piece of paper hanging on a wall, doesn’t make her infallible.  I love my doc.  I do trust her.  Does that mean I let her do unnecessary medical procedures on me just “because”?  Nope.  I would be STUPID to do that.  Anyone that doesn’t question the necessity of intervention, anyone that doesn’t ask why their doc is doing something, doesn’t have the intelligence or common sense to be a parent.  Get control of your life and your body.  Your doc is NOT God.  Period.  No questions asked.


Wow, I feel better now!


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