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  • Photography by Sandra

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  • Photography by Sandra
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  • Photography by Sandra
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No. You can’t hurt me.

Posted by Sandra on November 14, 2007



This blog is against everything I believe in, because I know if I feed a filthy stray dog infested with fleas and rabies, he’ll never leave me – but I’m going to feed you right now.  Enjoy.

I was going to go “private” because stalkers are reading my blog and thinking it’s all about them – LMAO, get over it, you have no idea what I’m even talking about in my anger thread… I’ve been over you, your minions, and your completely made up “it’s all about me” drama for months…

But I have decided since I’m a grown up, very much above it, and am using this blog for information for other grownups, I am not going to let any pathetic stalkers cause me to miss out on helping others.

If I am so special, important, significant, and loved, keep stalking me, babes!  I am enjoying that I have your every waking thought.  Spread your made up stories (which are painfully obvious – really more like ramblings, I guess), talk trash… it’s truly wonderful to know that I am so important in your life that you focus your energy on me… it makes me feel TERRIFIC that you need my attention this much!  Smack my arse and call me Jodie Foster!

To my friends, I apologize for any threatening emails you’ve gotten from these people.  I too have received death threats and other moronic emails – my best advice is to “wash” your emails and simply bounce them back.  Believe me when I say I’m sorry they dragged you in, however we all know we cannot be 100% responsible for what comes out of our toddler’s mouths, so I can’t be held too accountable for what comes out of these other children’s mouths, right? 😀

Love you guys, hope you enjoy the information I’m trying to add to the blog.  I’ve compiled it from many sources such as and other less-mainstream birth boards.  Great data out there to be found!


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